The China War. It’s Real. It’s Here.

The China War is real.

China is figuring out how to fight it.  America is figuring out how to sell it.

Our General Petraeus was at the Raisina Dialogue in India.  According to a tweet from an attendee, he told the assembly:

Petraeus: US declaration of a new Cold War on China is defining issue, means India + others have to choose sides.

Message received.  As of now, it’s not Team China Hawk.  It’s Team China War.

And here’s hoping the war stays cold and dirty for a few more years, and doesn’t turn hot for a while.

But the signs from last week tell us we’re heading toward the hot place.

China made a big decision to escalate, rather than just match U.S. moves in the global Huawei confrontation.

In addition to detaining two Canadians on charges of national security violations as retaliation for the detention of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver, a PRC court hurriedly reviewed the drug trafficking conviction of a Canadian citizen, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg—and sentenced Schellenberg to death.

It’s not just a matter of making Justin Trudeau sweat.  It looks like the PRC has decided it has to push back across the board and show the world China is not a paper tiger.

Pushing China into open confrontation has always been the dream of the China War party.  But will it turn into a nightmare?

Meanwhile, the US media, pundits, officialdom, and assets are working hard to sell a war that has more to do with perpetuating US hegemony than it has to do with making the world a better, safer place….


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