Getting Rid Of The Penny Would Pay For Trump’s Wall

The big news for Trump, America, and those in Washington is that by getting rid of the penny the President could rapidly save America enough money to pay for his wall and then some. Then to show a bit of goodwill he could start working towards a reasonable solution to solving our immigration problems, this is something that has eluded both Republicans and Democrats for well over a decade. This could end the shutdown and allow those we have sent to Washington to get back to work solving real problems instead of just grandstanding and making us ill. Since government workers will most likely be granted retroactive pay, politicians are stupid or silly if they think paying government workers to stay home over a few billion dollars in a 4.4 trillion dollar budget makes any sense.  

As for the penny, it is a blemish on the face of America, costly to produce, no friend to the environment and it wastes America’s resources while sapping our productivity. It cost our country billions of dollars, year after year. According to the “citizens to retire the penny” it cost the Country one hundred million dollars a year to produce the penny, and more then $15 billion dollars annually is wasted just in handling it. Coins are designed by the government to be a simple and efficient medium for the exchange of goods and services. For many years there have been discussions about discontinuing the penny which has become obsolete because of its minuscule purchasing value. The penny is a perfect example of our government’s inefficiency and waste, and the cost is a burden carried by business. If an employee is paid $12.00 an hour they receive twenty cents per minute. Business simply cannot afford to pay an employee to handle and count pennies, the cost of the labor exceeds their value….

Yes but then we’d have to admit to an even bigger stupidity and insult to american intelligence: pennies used to be worth something.   The dollar has lost over 95% of its value since the republic was infiltrated by the foreign-owned non-federal non-reserve tapeworm.   The american people used to have tons of gold in their private possession, actual physical wealth which was free of the kleptocratic inbred child-raping satanic european pathocracy.   Now the gold (see below) and the dollar have both been literally stolen out from under our feet.   We are no different from any other 3rd world victim of transnational corporate plunder.   That reality hasn’t yet fully manifested.

Treasury Secretary Seeks to Reassure Everyone About Ft. Knox Gold

But as long as we have a somewhat functioning government and legal system (before the chaos sets in) there’s still time to save the country and even the world, before the US military becomes a mind-controlled zombie puppet of the luciferian elite.   The economy would turn around on a dime.  This country might even fulfill the dreams of its founders, an actual beacon of freedom and grassroots prosperity for the whole world.   Seriously!    Hard to believe I know.   But see:

How Kucinich’s NEED Act Could Save the USA and the World

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