German Defense Minister: Europe is forming an army

Job one of such an army will be keeping the member states in line. The EU is becoming a prison.

“Europe has to build an army,” Wolfgang Clement wrote in this space yesterday. He’s right! Given the global environment, Europe needs to improve its ability to act on behalf of its own security. But he unfortunately failed to mention the progress we Europeans have made in the last few years. Europe’s army is already taking shape.

Reforms in recent past months and years have brought our armed forces closer together. We’re working quickly. But let’s not forget that achievements that are now taken for granted, such as the internal EU market or freedom of movement, didn’t happen overnight. They came about thanks to careful, measured progress, and member states pursuing clear goals, one step after another.

Among European nations, Germany and France are the driving forces in defense. But the German army’s close cooperation with other European partners, especially with Dutch forces, has also proven effective in many missions, and illustrates how to do integration properly.

Now 25 countries have joined forces in a security initiative we call Pesco. And not because we’re following requirements from Brussels, but voluntarily, because we see the obvious benefits, and because it’s in Europe’s security interests….

Define “europe”.   Is it the elites in control of the various european governments, the dominant corporations of europe, the central banks of europe or the people who live in europe?   You can guess.   And what will be the primary external enemy?   You can guess.

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