France: Media Colludes with “Anarchists” to Divert Attention from Real Issues

How easy can it possibly be to pay a few lowlifes a few bucks to break windows in order to divert attention from the real issues?   That being the systemic and wholesale theft happening at the top of the financial system globally.   This is a monotonously predictable strategy of the organized crime cartel.   And the media is playing their part, as usual.  The yellow vest marchers should be exiling the “anarchists” from all their events.

The first rule of activism is that the guy with the explosives is always the government agent.   —  Unknown

“All the media ever reports is the violence, and we are forgetting the root of the problem” which is the fight against austerity, one protester named Karen, a 42-year-old nurse, told Agence France Presse on the streets of Marseilles.

Sunday’s demonstrations followed a day of protests on Saturday during which violence broke out in Paris and other cities as those participating in “Act VIII” protests under the Yellow Vest banner clashed with French riot police, erected barricades, and started fires:

“The ‘yellow vest’ protest movement, which has now seen protests on eight consecutive Saturdays,” reports AFP, “was initially triggered by anger over an increase in fuel taxes.  But it has since morphed into a campaign against the high cost of living and the government of President Emmanuel Macron, seen by many as arrogant and beholden to big business.”…

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