Film: Kids, Inc

KIDS, Inc. is a crowd-funded documentary directed by Anthony Cadorniga, Executive Producer, Mellisa Zaccaria, and Production Manager, Heather Middendorf. The film’s purpose is to shed a truthful light onto an ever-growing and detrimental epidemic. The personal accounts featured in the film bring the audience on a sobering journey into the ever-expanding and horrendous epidemic of child sex trafficking in the United States; it’s history, root causes, systems of facilitation, and intricate networks of perpetrators & profiteers. The film aims its cross hairs on the unjustified targeting of families by Child Protective Services and it’s private foster care agencies, families involved with inter-generational ritual abuse, sexual abuse within the church, and other cases of kidnap, torture, and exploitation of children for profit.

Our goal is to set forth a call to action; it is the responsibility of every US citizen to awaken and activate their family, folks within their neighborhood, and others in their community, to identify and expose these crimes, to create oversight committees & support groups, to spread awareness, and prevent further suffering. Let’s help survivors across the nation know their voices are being heard.

There are many individuals who wish to profit from child sex trafficking and exploitation, being that they are such lucrative and monstrous black market industries. The time is well overdue for an exposure of those responsible for such terrifying and blatantly evil crimes against humanity, knowingly or unknowingly; government agents, lawmakers, politicians, judges, and attorneys must stop ignoring and/or covering up these atrocities. It’s time that those who are truly responsible be held accountable.

Uhm, and doctors?   Or do you really think there are no sexual compulsions involved in male genital mutilation?   And what fuels child sex trafficking if not sexual compulsions?   MGM is a foundational keystone of the wider problem, the elephant in the living room, still invisible to the vast majority of the “human rights” establishment.    After all, medicine is the last bastion of authority in this society.   If you can’t trust your doctor or your priest or your politician or even your computer, who can you trust?

Insanity in the American Psychiatric Establishment

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