Elite Child Trafficking: The Finders

In previous investigations, we worked to expose a powerful billionaire and registered sex offender – Jeffrey Epstein – and showed how Epstein and his co-conspirators were able to escape punishment for their role in abusing over 40 young girls. We noted that Epstein and people like him do not act alone in their efforts to feed their depraved desires. In Epstein’s case, he had an inner circle of people who helped him acquire young girls. In other cases there exist networks of individuals helping to pressure or even kidnap young children and force them into sexual bondage.

This time, we are going to explore the story of a cult that was suspected of international human trafficking in 1987. The Finders cult was a young group of men, women, and children who claimed to be nothing more than former hippies living an alternative lifestyle and practicing alternative parenting. The Finders were founded by a mysterious man with military connections nicknamed “The Game Caller” who believed in turning his life, and the lives of those around him, into a constant game or experiment.

Although more than 30 years have passed since The Finders made their way to the front page of newspapers all over the United States, questions still remain. Did the Game Caller’s games involve trafficking of children? What exactly were the finders finding? Why did this story make mainstream headlines and then disappear in less than a week? Was the story part of the “moral panic” of the 1980’s, or something more? We will answer these questions, and most importantly, we ask,

Who Will Find What The Finders Hide?

As we examine the story of The Finders cult i want to make all of our readers aware that everything in this investigation is documented and can be confirmed by looking at our sources. This story deals with accusations of Satanic activity, child trafficking, and intelligence operations. We take these claims seriously and went to great lengths to confirm the information we are about to present to you.

The Finders Arrested in Florida

On a chilly February morning in 1987, [Wednesday, February 4, 1987,] an anonymous caller tells the Tallahassee Police Department that two well-dressed men are at a local park with six kids and a blue van. The children are described as looking “disheveled” with potential signs of abuse. Tallahassee Police arrive and question Douglas E. Ammerman and Michael Houlihan. The two men say they are taking the kids to a school for brilliant children in Mexico. The men also say the children are being weaned from their mothers. Authorities eventually take the men and children into custody. A search of the van turns up 20 floppy computer disks, a TSR-80 computer, and a “device that police say could be used to hook into a computer in another location by telephone”.

Immediately it becomes clear that this case is not like any other. Following the arrests, the Associated Press reports that police had moved the six children from a shelter after receiving a “half-dozen” phone calls threatening the kids. [The AP notes] The children were moved to an undisclosed location where they were being protected by armed guards.

When interviewed by the police, the kids say the men are their teachers and that they have been living in a house with other children and adults. The police report also notes the kids are eating a raw food diet, covered in bug bites, and only fed as a reward for good behavior. The children are unaware of modern technology, including phones, televisions, hot water, staplers, typewriters, and electricity. The oldest child, Mary, says they receive instructions from “a man they called a Game Caller or a Game Leader”, the founder of The Finders, also known as Marion Pettie.

By Thursday February 5th, Tallahassee police confirm the children and men are part of a group known as The Finders. [U.S. District Court records in Washington indicate] A confidential police source previously told authorities the Finders were “a cult” that conducted “brainwashing” techniques at a warehouse and apartment in Washington D.C. [Source: Washington Post] This source tells of being recruited by the Finders with promises of “financial reward and sexual gratification” and of being invited by one member to “explore” satanism with them.

At this point officials with the U.S. Customs Service agency join the investigation due to suspicion that the potential crimes may have crossed state or national borders. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are also said to be investigating the case. After learning the children are based in the D.C. area, the Tallahassee department contacts D.C. Metropolitan Police to establish the identities of the children. Tallahassee police [spokesman Scott Hunt tells reporters the TPD] learn that D.C. police are already aware of the Finders.

On Friday February 6, Virginia State police raid a 90-acre farm owned by Marion Pettie in rural Madison County, Virginia. Neighbors of the farm say children were often brought to the farm in vans, usually crying. An FBI report states that “evidence of a satanic/cult ritual was discovered”. The same report notes that all reports regarding Finders are to be classified Secret.

Meanwhile, DC Metro Police and U.S. Customs Service agents raid other Finders properties, including a duplex apartment building and warehouse in Washington D.C. Police reports and articles from 1987 indicate that the DC police removed large plastic bags filled with color slides, photographs and photographic contact sheets from the warehouse. Some of the photos were of naked children [source: Washington Post].

U.S. Customs [spokesman David Hoover] tells the Post, ″We’re not saying that it’s pornographic, but it has all the earmarks.″ A U.S. Customs Service report describes some of the photos as showing blood rituals involving children slaughtering goats while adults in white robes watch. It also describes that they found instructions on how to purchase children. The importance of this report written by U.S. Customs Service agent Ramon J.Martinez will become clear as we move on. ….


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