Delaying newborn baths increases rates of breastfeeding

They don’t miss a trick do they? The medical/economic implications of bottle feeding and birth trauma imprinting are vast and lifelong. Denying moms and mom’s milk to babies enables life-long milking of the adults they become.

While it has been standard practice for decades to whisk newborns off to a bath within the first few hours of their birth, a new study has found that waiting to bathe a healthy newborn 12 or more hours after birth increased the rate of breastfeeding exclusivity during the newborn hospital stay….

DiCioccio points to several factors as to what may link the practice of waiting to bathe to the increased rates of breastfeeding, including skin-to-skin time between mother and baby, smell (the similarity in smell between the amniotic fluid and the breast may encourage babies to latch) and temperature. Babies in the delayed bath group were more likely to have stable/normalized temperatures post first bath. “They weren’t as cold as the babies who were bathed sooner after birth, so they may not have been as tired trying to nurse” DiCioccio said….

Whoda thunk?   Well I guess pretty much anyone who had the humility to refrain from second guessing every possible facet of human birth and babies might have thunk.   Medicine didn’t invent human beings.   Why is it necessary to defend our basic physical design from overachieving medical meddlers?   It would be so easy to leave it alone, but not nearly as profitable.

95%+ of healthy women can birth at home with a midwife (according to Gloria Lemay ), many with no assistance at all except their innate instinctual birthing behavior.   No  strangers, no pressures, no vaccines, no rush to clamp the cord, no ludicrous questions about the “circumcision option”, no hormonal disruption, no episiotomy, no baby isolation at the time of life when s/he needs mom the most.   Just normal birth with all the joy and love that babies deserve.  What an idea.

Birth at home.

Deep within mothers is a fantastic pulse of ferocious love: it binds us to our babies, and makes us vigilant in their lifelong care. This pulse has been eroded by the institutionalization of many basic life events; most significantly, childbirth and learning. Instead of ancient mothers selfishly guarding the individual loves and virtues of our children, we become modern custodians for the state- breeders and caregivers of an easily manipulated populace.

Women must once again claim birth as a powerful, liberating life event- instead of a painfully medicalized one; and families must allow themselves to learn and stay together in the short time they have- and shun the bizarre lessons in life given by often hostile institutions whose main focus seem to be that of severing families and crushing true intelligence.

It is revolutionary to reject what society so stringently dictates, and revel in being Mother: not as the producer of marketable goods, but as the conduit of life itself.

— Leilah McCracken

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