CNN Tipped off Re: FBI’s Predawn Raid of Roger Stone

As I’ve reiterated ad nauseum and feel obligated to reiterate now: this is not a partisan political issue. To me this is an orwellian police state action against a political activist on the usual fake charges of russian collusion, which belies the transnational genocidal torture state’s obsession with destroying russia even at the cost of american mass casualties.   The money power’s concern for the welfare of the american people is no better demonstrated than in its demolition of the US dollar via the 2008 financial false flag and its endless foreign adventurism after arranging for american industries to be exported abroad.   Very clearly, we are all expendable fodder for the transnational interests which have had Trump under siege since before the election.

If you can judge people by their enemies, Trump must be some kind of saint.

Predictably, CNN is playing the role of state propagandist and public shamer.

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