Scientists are working on a pill for loneliness

Another example of how the establishment converts social and economic dysfunction into personal dysfunction and “mental illness”.   Application to social control and perpetuation of the status quo is clear.

Loneliness is part of the human condition. A primeval warning sign, like hunger or thirst, to seek out a primary resource: connection. Millions of years of evolution have shaped us into creatures who need social bonds in the same way that we need food and water.

And yet we increasingly find ourselves isolated. Loneliness is no longer a powerful enough driver to break us out of the silos created by modern life. Like our insatiable love of high-calorie foods, what was once an adaptive tool has become so misaligned with the way we live that it’s causing, in the words of the former surgeon general Vivek H Murthy, an “epidemic”.

It’s hard to compare our collective loneliness against that of previous generations, as we simply haven’t been measuring it consistently, but recent estimates suggest that anywhere from 22% to 75% of American adults are persistently lonely. A number of culture-wide structural changes might be to blame: more Americans live alone than ever before; fewer of us are marrying or having children; our average household size is shrinking. In many cases, these changes represent the availability of options where once the only accepted path was marriage and a nuclear family. But they also mean we are spending more time on our own. ….

Surveillance in our schools: Have you heard of the ClassDojo app?

Its interface is colourful and inviting. Each child in a class or school is assigned an avatar: a smiling, cartoonish monster that represents them in the app. Based on a student’s behaviour in different areas, the teacher can assign – with a Pavlovian ding or harsh buzz – positive, neutral or negative Dojo points to their avatar.

This gamifies behaviour for students and helps teachers to keep extensive data on each of them. The app has expanded to become, in many places, a school-wide social media and content sharing network. Users can sign up as school leaders, teachers, parents, or students.

In a new paper, education researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA) say that while the technology may be innovative, ClassDojo encourages an archaic approach to school discipline and neglects a genuinely educational approach to developing behaviour.

Further, they express concern that the app conditions children to accept rising levels of surveillance and control….

This article first appeared at Eurek Alert.

The Saker: Russia, Israel and the values of “western civilization” – where is the truth?

First, what’s the deal with this obsession about bombing entire nations back into the “stone age”?

Very interesting article in RT today: “IDF chief turned PM candidate touts body count & bombing Gaza into ‘stone age’ in campaign ad” (please read the full thing – it is short and very enlightening).  When I saw that, I immediately had a flash back to a (truly brilliant, if evil) US diplomat, James Baker, who promised Iraqi Prime Minister Tarik Aziz (whom the Empire kept in jail until his death in spite of the fact that 79 year old man suffered from depression, diabetes, heart disease, and ulcers) that the Empire would “bring it back to the stone age“.

Now, Benny Gantz is your typical Israeli Zionazi nutcase with all that entails, but this can hardly be said of James Baker who was one of the most educated and brilliant diplomats the USA ever produced.  So what’s this thing about bringing those who dare defy the AngloZionist Empire back to the “stone age”.  Coincidence?  You tell me!

I sure don’t think so.

The Israeli butchery in Gaza enjoyed the massive support of the Israeli people who even organized special “viewing locations” for the joy of seeing Palestinian civilians (the vast majority of the people the Israelis murdered in Gaza) massacred.  Which is not very different from the way the US Americans (and their European vassals) organized “viewing locations” in their TV sets for the joy of seeing Iraqi civilians (the vast majority of the people the USA and its vassals murdered in Iraq) massacred.  The difference is only in numbers: in Gaza the Israelis only murdered “only” about 1500 Palestinians whereas the USA can pride itself on having massacred well over a million Iraqis.

Still not convinced?

Then how about Mr MAGA promising to “devastate” the DPRK? or, even better, to make Iran “SUFFER CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED BEFORE” (all in caps as in the original).

Now if this was a schoolyard or, say, a Harley-Davidson biker meeting, I would say that this is just the kind of empty talk of insecure males trying to compensate for their insecurities by clumsily affirming their manhood with roaring macho threats.

After all, in the real world, both the US and Israel got thoroughly whooped each time they took on an enemy which was not defenseless (the best example being, of course, the “Divine Victory” of Hezbollah against Israel (and the US, of course, which had promised a “new Middle East” just before the Israeli attack) in 2006.

But our planet is not a schoolyard and thousands and even millions died as a result of that kind of mindset.  And a President who thinks in “tweets” worthy of a 7th grade pimply 13-year old is outright frightening (or, at least, ought to be).

Now it is rather unsurprising that the western Zionazi press would 1) blame it all on the Palestinians and their supporters 2) turn away its prudish eyes from such language and massacres 3) go back to blaming Russia for everything imaginable (and even unimaginable)….

Russia: Events In Venezuela Reached Dangerous Point

Oh those damn russkies, they’re making perfect sense!

Unfortunately most of the tools of foreign intervention (such as manipulation of financial flows, threats and bribery) are invisible and remain so unless a whistle blower comes forward.  But I’ve found that the behavior of the monolithic mass media is a reliable indicator of what the money power is really up to.

Of course the usual “concern” for the welfare of the people is trotted out to justify mass destruction.   The machinery of simulating a “democratic” regime change is polished and professional these days, more than adequate to deceive its primary audience, the skinner-boxed american taxpayers.  “Humanitarian bombing” is a bit over the top though!  They’ll likely be somewhat more subtle in the future.

Failing to remove Nicolas Maduro, including physically, the extremist opponents of the legitimate government of Venezuela have opted for a highly confrontational scenario. The United States and several other countries in the region have recognised the opposition leader who has sworn himself in as Venezuela’s interim president. This can only deepen the social divide in Venezuela, aggravate street protests, dramatically destabilise the Venezuelan political community and further escalate the conflict. The deliberate and obviously well orchestrated creation of dual power and an alternative decision-making centre in Venezuela is a direct path towards chaos and erosion of Venezuelan statehood. Several people have already died. We firmly condemn those who are pushing Venezuelan society into the abyss of violent civil discord.

We regard Washington’s unceremonious actions as yet another demonstration of its total disregard for the norms and principles of international law and an attempt to pose as the self-imposed master of another nation’s future. The United States is clearly trying to apply a tried and tested regime change scenario in Venezuela.

We are especially alarmed by the signals we have received from some capitals on the possibility of foreign military interference. We warn that such opportunism can have catastrophic consequences.

We urge the sober-minded Venezuelan politicians standing in opposition to Nicolas Maduro’s legitimate government not to become pawns in other players’ chess game.

We believe that political activity is only acceptable if it is pursued within the constitutional framework and in strict compliance with the national legislation. Of course, the people must be able to freely express their opinions, including through rallies, but only if they do so peacefully in a manner that will not provoke violence or, worse still, endanger public safety.

Venezuelans alone have the right to determine their future. Any destructive foreign interference, especially amid the current tensions, is completely unacceptable. Incitement has nothing in common with a democratic process; it is a direct path towards lawlessness and violence.

It is a mission of the international community to help promote understanding between the political opposition forces in Venezuela that respect national interests. We are ready to cooperate with all countries that share these views.

CNN Tipped off Re: FBI’s Predawn Raid of Roger Stone

As I’ve reiterated ad nauseum and feel obligated to reiterate now: this is not a partisan political issue. To me this is an orwellian police state action against a political activist on the usual fake charges of russian collusion, which belies the transnational genocidal torture state’s obsession with destroying russia even at the cost of american mass casualties.   The money power’s concern for the welfare of the american people is no better demonstrated than in its demolition of the US dollar via the 2008 financial false flag and its endless foreign adventurism after arranging for american industries to be exported abroad.   Very clearly, we are all expendable fodder for the transnational interests which have had Trump under siege since before the election.

If you can judge people by their enemies, Trump must be some kind of saint.

Predictably, CNN is playing the role of state propagandist and public shamer.

Results of half of clinical trials go unreported

“Failures” in this context would include results which contradict official syence. They don’t want to lose their funding, after all.

Some of the UK’s top universities are failing to disclose the results of clinical trials, with experts warning that these unreported studies leave an incomplete and potentially misleading picture of the risks and benefits of treatments.

Previous research has found that around half of all trials go unreported, particularly those whose results are negative. And the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that failing to report results can lead to the use of “suboptimal or even harmful products”.

Now, a report from pressure group Transparimed has found that UK universities have failed to publish the results of 1,671 clinical trials listed on both European and United States trial registries. And 19 out of the 27 UK universities studied have failed to upload a single missing trial over the past two months.

The report says that unless universities post the results of these trials soon, valuable medical research data will be lost forever. Failing to publish will also lead to duplication of research, much of which is publicly funded, the report warns.

Since 2014 there has been a European Union requirement for all clinical trials conducted by member states to be reported and registered, although there are no sanctions for institutions which fail to comply.

In 2015 the WHO published standards on clinical trials, saying that the registration and reporting of all trials was a “scientific, ethical, and moral responsibility”.

The Transparimed report says that the 27 universities covered by this report have posted summary results for only 11 per cent of their trials.