Acetaminophen can induce a zombie-like state that makes people emotionless and uncaring


(Natural News) Is your over-the-counter pain reliever turning you into a zombie? New research has shown that might just be the case. While you may not have a hankering for brains that you can’t explain, it turns out acetaminophen (the active ingredient in drugs like Tylenol) can turn off more than just your pain — it can dull your emotions and reduce your ability to feel empathy for others.

While it may be available over the counter (OTC), it appears that acetaminophen is actually a mind-altering drug.

If you take the drug regularly, the zombifying effects of acetaminophen can potentially lead to problems with interpersonal relationships, both at work and in your social life. There are many other dangers associated with OTC pain relievers, and this new finding confirms that more natural, less harmful methods of pain relief should be encouraged by the medical community — even if it means less profit for Big Pharma.

The pharmaceutical industry has proven time and time again that they are either too incompetent or unwilling to investigate their products thoroughly — as evidenced by the fact that many drugs (including ones available over the counter) are on the market for decades before adverse effects are ever attributed to them.

Acetaminophen kills empathy

A growing body of research is showing that acetaminophen is actually capable of mind-altering effects. Researchers from Ohio State University recently conducted a study to examine acetaminophen’s effect on the emotional state. The findings were published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience in 2016.

The study featured two experiments. In part one, the team studied 80 college students. Half of the students were given 1,000 milligrams of acetaminophen, while the remainder received a placebo. As Natural Health 365 reports further:

Participants were then read a series of stories about people going through pain and asked to rate the pain of those in the stories. The study’s results found that those given acetaminophen consistently gave lower pain ratings for people in the stories compared with those receiving placebos. Hence the suggestion that these students are turning into ‘zombies’ – after taking a common painkiller.

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A perfect painkiller for slaves.

Bloomberg Admits the Need for the Second Amendment

But only for approved populations. And only under the strict control of the “invisible hand” of corporations and the secret society mafia of which he is a part.  Outsiders should take a cue.


Alumnus, major donor Michael Bloomberg wants private, armed police force patrolling Johns Hopkins University

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire ex-mayor of New York and benefactor of the Johns Hopkins University, said Tuesday it’s “ridiculous” the institution doesn’t have an armed police force.

“When you have a city that has the murder rate that Baltimore has, I think it’s ridiculous to think that they shouldn’t be armed,” Bloomberg said of the Hopkins security force.

Bloomberg, a potential Democratic candidate for president in 2020, spoke to reporters after closed-door meetings at the State House in Annapolis with Democratic lawmakers and state Attorney General Brian Frosh. …

The right to self defense is deeper than law or politics or social organization.   It is a foundation of organic life.

If starry-eyed ahistorical “loyal subjects of the empire” believe people or society are too unstable for commoners to be able to defend themselves, they need to ask questions about the oligarchs who control the economy, media and medicine.    Mass instability in a macroscopically well-fed empire is indicative of orchestrated looting and imposed dysfunction (i.e. disaster capitalism, as commonly seen in american obstetrics).  They might also avail themselves of the deluge of evidence for government orchestrated simulated or actual false flag gun massacres.     Only slaves are helpless in the face of the fascist astroturf “democratic” state which is being unleashed by the likes of Bloomberg.

The China War. It’s Real. It’s Here.

The China War is real.

China is figuring out how to fight it.  America is figuring out how to sell it.

Our General Petraeus was at the Raisina Dialogue in India.  According to a tweet from an attendee, he told the assembly:

Petraeus: US declaration of a new Cold War on China is defining issue, means India + others have to choose sides.

Message received.  As of now, it’s not Team China Hawk.  It’s Team China War.

And here’s hoping the war stays cold and dirty for a few more years, and doesn’t turn hot for a while.

But the signs from last week tell us we’re heading toward the hot place.

China made a big decision to escalate, rather than just match U.S. moves in the global Huawei confrontation.

In addition to detaining two Canadians on charges of national security violations as retaliation for the detention of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver, a PRC court hurriedly reviewed the drug trafficking conviction of a Canadian citizen, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg—and sentenced Schellenberg to death.

It’s not just a matter of making Justin Trudeau sweat.  It looks like the PRC has decided it has to push back across the board and show the world China is not a paper tiger.

Pushing China into open confrontation has always been the dream of the China War party.  But will it turn into a nightmare?

Meanwhile, the US media, pundits, officialdom, and assets are working hard to sell a war that has more to do with perpetuating US hegemony than it has to do with making the world a better, safer place….


Uncle Sam Wants Your DNA: The FBI’s Diabolical Plan to Create a Nation of Suspects

“As more and more data flows from your body and brain to the smart machines via the biometric sensors, it will become easy for corporations and government agencies to know you, manipulate you, and make decisions on your behalf. Even more importantly, they could decipher the deep mechanisms of all bodies and brains, and thereby gain the power to engineer life. If we want to prevent a small elite from monopolising such godlike powers, and if we want to prevent humankind from splitting into biological castes, the key question is: who owns the data? Does the data about my DNA, my brain and my life belong to me, to the government, to a corporation, or to the human collective?”―Professor Yuval Noah Harari

Uncle Sam wants you.

Correction: Uncle Sam wants your DNA.

Actually, if the government gets its hands on your DNA, they as good as have you in their clutches.

Get ready, folks, because the government— helped along by Congress (which adopted legislation allowing police to collect and test DNA immediately following arrests), President Trump (who signed the Rapid DNA Act into law), the courts (which have ruled that police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime), and local police agencies (which are chomping at the bit to acquire this new crime-fighting gadget)—is embarking on a diabolical campaign to create a nation of suspects predicated on a massive national DNA database….

It’s not just privacy which is at stake here.

Feds Collecting DNA “Kill Switches” from US Citizens

Govt Asserts Property Rights Over Babies’ DNA

California Found to Be Harvesting Newborn DNA For Decades Without Parental Consent

Amnesty International’s Troubling Collaboration with UK & US Intelligence

From my experience, they don’t care about the human rights of babies under medical assault. It should be a no-brainer.

Amnesty International, the eminent human-rights non-governmental organization, is widely known for its advocacy in that realm. It produces reports critical of the Israeli occupation in Palestine and the Saudi-led war on Yemen. But it also publishes a steady flow of indictments against countries that don’t play ball with Washington — countries like Iran, China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea and more. Those reports amplify the drumbeat for a “humanitarian” intervention in those nations.

Amnesty’s stellar image as a global defender of human rights runs counter to its early days when the British Foreign Office was believed to be censoring reports critical of the British empire. Peter Benenson, the co-founder of Amnesty, had deep ties to the British Foreign Office and Colonial Office while another co-founder, Luis Kutner, informed the FBI of a gun cache at Black Panther leader Fred Hampton’s home weeks before he was killed by the Bureau in a gun raid.

These troubling connections contradict Amnesty’s image as a benevolent defender of human rights and reveal key figures at the organization during its early years to be less concerned with human dignity and more concerned with the dignity of the United States and United Kingdom’s image in the world….

France And Germany Take Major Step Toward EU Army To Protect “Europe Threatened By Nationalism”

French President Emmanuel Macron’s push for what he previously called “a real European army” got a big boost on Tuesday amid France and Germany signing an updated historic treaty reaffirming their close ties and commitment to support each other during a ceremony in the city of Aachen, a border town connected to Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire. But the timing for the renewal of the two countries’ 1963 post-war reconciliation accord is what’s most interesting, given both the rise of eurosceptic nationalism, the uncertainty of Brexit, and just as massive ‘Yellow Vests’ protests rage across France for a tenth week.

Macron addressed this trend specifically at the signing ceremony with the words, “At a time when Europe is threatened by nationalism, which is growing from within… Germany and France must assume their responsibility and show the way forward.”

Germany’s Angela Merkel agreed, adding in her own remarks: “We are doing this because we live in special times and because in these times we need resolute, distinct, clear, forward-looking answers.” The agreement, which is being described as sparse on specifics or detail, focuses on foreign policy and defense ties between Berlin and Paris.

“Populism and nationalism are strengthening in all of our countries,” Merkel EU officials at the ceremony. “Seventy-four years – a single human lifetime – after the end of the second world war, what seems self-evident is being called into question once more.”

Macron said those “who forget the value of Franco-German reconciliation are making themselves accomplices of the crimes of the past. Those who… spread lies are hurting the same people they are pretending to defend, by seeking to repeat history.”

And in remarks that formed another affirmation that the two leaders are seeking to form an “EU army” Merkel said just before signing the treaty: “The fourth article of the treaty says we, Germany and France, are obliged to support and help each other, including through military force, in case of an attack on our sovereignty.”

The text of the updated treaty includes the aim of a “German-French economic area with common rules” and a “common military culture” that Merkel asserted could “contribute to the creation of a European army”….

Meanwhile perhaps a prototype EU army is already in action on the streets of Paris, revealing what critics fear it may actually be used for in the future…