Reality Check: This is Why France is Protesting and Why the Rest of the World Must Join


People need to understand why people are actually rioting in France. There is a lot of disinformation surrounding this story coming from the mainstream narrative. This is not just about protesting a carbon tax. Enough of the French people are awake to just how corrupt their governing institutions have become and the people have finally had enough.

The world needs to understand why this is happening. By now Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, London, Portugal, Brussels, Montenegro have joined in. Riot police are forming in Berlina carbon tax was just announced for CanadiansEgypt has just banned yellow vestsFacebook has begun to lock down comments relating to Yellow Vests

What the French Are Demanding

Before I get into explaining what is actually happening vs. the mainstream attempt at covering this up and distorting the truth, you need to see some of the key demands the French people are making:

  • Zero homeless
  • Banning lobbies
  • Smaller banks
  • Increased minimum wage and pension payouts indexed to inflation
  • Banning Monoculture, GMOs, Glyphosate
  • Anti-foreign interventionism
  • Diversity of Media
  • Frexit
  • Default on illegitimate debt (debt created by central banks). The rest will be repaid not by the people, but by the $80 billion in tax evasion.
  • A revision of their country’s Constitution

The rest of the demands can be found here.

In reading the above list, does it not make sense that this should be applied to every country? …

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