“No Wall In Any Form”: Govt Shutdown Odds Explode Amid Trump-Schumer Standoff

With a potential government shutdown just days away, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) dug in on Sunday, telling Meet The Press that President Trump is “not going to get the wall in any form.”….


It doesn’t take a whole lot of reflection to wonder how it is that a political establishment with oceans of blood on its hands is trying to commit national suicide via economic harikari and the elimination of national borders in the name of human rights.    Normally government bureaucracies tend to spontaneously and organically grow their wealth and power like any self-interested institution.    At minimum, a well hobbled government like the one envisioned in the constitution might remain stable and limited in scope.   But no institution commits suicide unless it’s only a newly-expendable tendril of a larger organizational structure.

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