Humor: Harvard Researchers Begin Work on Protecting Earth from Humans Via Toxic Spraying

Of course they claim to be protecting the earth from the sun, but the result is the same.   And calcium carbonate is the least of our worries.


Harvard Researchers Begin Work on Bill Gates-Funded Project to Block Out the Sun with Geoengineering

As the world continues to grapple with the consequences of an ever-changing planet, scientists have continued to work on projects aimed at manipulating and shaping the world in unexpected ways.

The most controversial and hotly debated of all these topics (aside from climate change itself) has been that of geoengineering, a topic many news sites dare not breach for fear of being labeled as conspiracy theorists.

But now, the cat is officially out of the bag, as even Forbes just dropped a bombshell on its website: a new plan from Harvard scientists to “tackle climate change through geoengineering by clocking out the sun,” an admission that strangely enough has managed to stay off the radar screens of most major online media publications.

Harvard Announces 2019 Gates-Funded Project to Block Out the Sun

Mimicking the effects of a huge volcano eruption, the $3 million Harvard plan, which will be partly funded by Bill Gates, is called the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (ScoPEx).

The experiment will release launch small particulars of calcium carbonate in the air sometime in spring 2019, and is based on the effects of large volcanic eruptions and their effects on the planet’s temperature, the Forbes article said….

The big lie is that there’s anything new about this, that wholesale atmospheric aerosol spraying with actual toxins like aluminum hasn’t been going on for years. But you can’t talk about what you see with your own eyes because the MSM says it’s not happening.   Now go back inside and watch TV.

I wonder if the germans were this stupid during hitler’s day?   It’s an embarrassment.

Gates is suffering from medically imposed vestibular sensory deprivation and resultant psychopathy.   No kidding!  He needs help.  And so do the rest of us.

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