EFF Wins FOIA Lawsuit Against DEA, Forces The Release Of More Info About Its Organized Criminality

“Parallel construction” is illegal.  DEA is instructing law enforcement to commit perjury.  And again, it’s all in the name of 9/11 and its fake “war on terror”.  So whatever you do, don’t bother to find out why a large and rapidly growing fraction of the population realizes that 9/11 was a false flag.   You don’t want the embarrassment of being called a “conspiracy theorist”.   Much better to just be lazy, willfully ignorant and complicit in treason.

Thanks to a FOIA lawsuit, the EFF has lifted a number of redactions from documents detailing the DEA’s Hemisphere program. This program was first exposed in 2013 when the New York Times obtained documents showing AT&T was working side-by-side with government agents to hand over massive amount of call records in response to DEA subpoenas.

AT&T has always considered itself to be an integral part of federal government surveillance programs, often going beyond what’s required to comply with demands for info. In the case of Hemisphere, it appeared to be operating as an unofficial arm of the government by “embedding” personnel in the DEA to expedite its surveillance efforts.

More documents obtained by other FOIA requesters have peeled back a little bit of the secrecy. Even with redactions in place, the astonishing breadth of Hemisphere’s surveillance capabilities was evident. Communications contained in the documents showed both the DEA and AT&T encouraged hiding the program from criminal defendants and the courts overseeing their cases. Parallel construction was the de facto policy, preventing anyone outside of US law enforcement from attacking the origin of evidence used against them….


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