Disturbing evidence suggests that WiFi radiation could increase the risk of miscarriages

A study conducted by researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research which was published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that when pregnant women are exposed to non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields, such as that emitted by power lines, transformers, wireless devices and wireless networks, their risk of miscarriage increases by a staggering 48 percent. (Related: Radiation from wi-fi and cell phones increases pregnant women’s risk of miscarriage by nearly 50%.)…


Insanity in the American Psychiatric Establishment

This is a window into some of the  cruelty and insanity which is institutionalized in both psychiatry and the wider medical establishment.   All very scientific.   Or is it satanic?


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Breastfed, home-birthed babies taken away from parents for not using hospital

It’s illegal to love your children, except in an abstract, intellectual way.  Hugging is ok after baby is properly traumatized so he pushes you away, instinctively knowing that you can’t be trusted.   Birth bad, breast bad, joystick bad, happy bad.

This is an approved expression of love: http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2018/01/vaccination-medical-insanity-on-display/

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The Rengos reportedly left their home in Washington to avoid having CPS take their children away again, and today, February 5, 2015, they were picked up in California, and the children were taken away from them by force….