Christopher Steele admits he wrote “Russia dossier” so Hillary could challenge 2016 election results

(Natural News) Former British spy Christopher Steele made a truly stunning admission in a recent court filing with regard to a defamation case brought by three Russians mentioned in the “dossier” he was hired to write.

As reported by The Washington Times, Steele said he was paid by a Democrat-aligned law firm, Perkins Coie, to create the dossier specifically so that Hillary Clinton could challenge the 2016 election results on grounds that Moscow ‘interfered.’

Perkins Coie, previous reports have noted, served as the cut-out — an intelligence term for a ‘go-between’ — for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm hired by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee to find dirt on her rival, then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The law firm sought “to be in a position to contest the results based on evidence [Steele] unearthed on the Trump campaign conspiring with Moscow on election interference,” the Times reported.

The startling admission was made in a sealed Aug. 2 declaration in the defamation case which was brought against liberal news site Buzzfeed after publishing the unverified, uncorroborated dossier in full shortly before POTUS Trump’s inauguration in January 2017….

Trump Announces “Full” And “Rapid” Withdrawal Of American Troops From Syria

US President Donald Trump shocked the world today in a surprise announcement that the United States was pulling its troops out of Syria. What began with reports from mainstream media sources citing unnamed “defense officials” was finally confirmed by the President in a video where he took credit for defeating ISIS which, according to him, was his “only reason for being there.”

The announcement flies in the face of Trump’s advisers, his cabinet, the Pentagon, the majority of the US Congress, the entirety of the Western corporate press, and the multitude of think tanks, prominent Republicans, leftists, and celebrities who are predictably whining and crying over the terrible prospect of peace. The majority of the American public, however, is likely greeting the announcement of an end to yet another horrific, immoral, and counterproductive US military adventure….

Days Before War? U.S. Concentrates Troops & Withdraws Diplomats

On December 19, the administration of US President Donald Trump announced that it’s withdrawing troops from Syria. Further media reprots on this issue said that State Department personnel had been set to be evacuated within 24 hours while the timeframe for troops pull-out is between 60 and 100 days.

On December 20, local Syrian sources reported that the State Deparment had already withdrawn all diplomats from the country. While the White House has provided no details on the troops withdrawal process, there are signals that Washington is emergently withdrawing its military personnel and equipment.

On the same time, there are reports that the US has started withdrawing its diplomats and the most combat-effective units from Afghanistan.

This follows a significant increase of US intelligence gathering missions along the Russian borders during the past 10 days. On December 18, British reconnaissance ship HMS Echo entered the Black Sea in order to collect fresh data about water depths and streams for surface and underwater submarine fleets of NATO member states.

On December 18, the US and its allies forced through a UN General Assembly resolution condemning the alleged militarization of Crimea, the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea and supporting Ukrainian actions in the region. The passed resolution is a clear signal to the Poroshenko regime that the Euro-Atlantic elite fully supports its actions.

The passed resolution also marked the start of a new round of pre-war media hysteria in Ukraine. A week ago, President Petro Poroshenko delcared that the Ukrainian military has started redeploying assault units of the Air Assault Forces (AAF) to the areas of a possible “Russian invasion”. These areas include the coast of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov (near Crimea). The AAF is the branch of the Armed Forces designed for offensive operations. It’s an analogue of the US Marine Corps or the Russian VDV.

On December 20, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov declared that the Navy is planning to send a new naval group to pass the Kerch Strait. The group will allegedly have with officials from the OSCE and other international organizations on board. The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council is one of the key decision-makers in the country alongside with the president and the defense minister. So, it becomes highly likely that the Kiev government is planning to stage a new maritime provocation in the area of the Kerch Strait.

Summing up the abovementioned factors, it seems that the US is urgently withdrawing combat-ready forces from the conflcit zones to free them for some other operations. The only real reason that can explain these actions is that the US expects a big hot military conflict in which it will be involved. In the case of such a conflict, the US will need to have an ability to deploy combat-ready troops to secure its interests or keep them in reserve if the stituation evolves into a global war.

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Corbett: Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!

Everything you wanted to know about shutting up a pesky conspiracy theorist in 5 minutes.


ex-CIA officer “Dewey” Clarridge: “There has never been a conspiracy in this country!”

Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

Bill Gates Talks About Death Panels

Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking

Michael Meacher on Bilderberg criminals meeting

Bush: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”

Brzezinski on “under the table arrangements”

Bill Clinton to Conspiracy Theorist: “Shut up and let me talk!”

Clinton presents report on human radiation experimentation by US government

John Kerry: US Gov did help run drugs into the country

Don’t Tase Me, Bro!

Ukraine Plans To Sail Warships Through Kerch Strait, With OSCE, NATO Representatives On Board

On December 19th, Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukrainian Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council said that the Ukrainian Navy is planning to send ships to pass through the Kerch Strait, with officials from the OSCE and other international organizations on board….

Success: Veteran suicide rates continue to climb

Sorry to be blunt here but the fact is that veterans are specifically being targeted because 1) they have demonstrated their willingness to fight for their country, 2) they have learned how to fight, 3) they tend to be physically fit, and 4) many have discovered that they were deceived and ruthlessly exploited. These factors make them obvious targets, so it’s very convenient for the luciferians that the latter factor is precisely the demographic that would be most likely to resort to suicide, especially given the fact that suicide and homicide-inducing SSRI’s are frequently prescribed for depression and PTS, despite the availability of far superior alternatives.    The same holds in the civilian sector for that matter.   Unhappy people tend to cause trouble for the status quo, so good riddance as far as “they” are concerned.

The real government doesn’t even wait for soldiers to leave the military before the attacks begin. I know someone who trained as an army medic during the iraq war. By far, most of the training dealt with how to give vaccinations. Not patching wounds, not fixing bones, not giving transfusions, not transporting the wounded. Vaccination.  Forcible vaccination under penalty of court martial.   See any red flags here?

God help them.  And us.

Suicide prevention efforts by the Department of Veterans Affairs fell off sharply in the last two years, even though reducing the high suicide rate among veterans is the agency’s top clinical priority, according to a new report.

With the department’s top management in turmoil, the suicide prevention effort lacked leadership, planning meetings were repeatedly canceled, millions of dollars budgeted for outreach went unspent, and the television and radio ads that had been broadcast thousands of times across the country in previous years went all but silent.

The striking breakdown in prevention efforts is detailed in a Government Accountability Office report released late Monday. The report says that bureaucratic confusion and vacancies in key posts are largely to blame.

In a response released with the report, the V.A. concurred with the accountability office’s assessment and said it was already working on correcting the problems.

The suicide rate among veterans is about twice that of the general population, and has been rising among younger veterans who served during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Peter Schiff: “We’re In A House Of Cards That The Fed Built”

Economic analyst Peter Schiff, who accurately predicted the 2008 recession said recently that we are not in a bear market. Instead, “we’re in a house of cards that the Fed built.”

Schiff is referring to the Federal Reserve, the United States’ central bank that answers to no one, has no competition, and has been responsible for every depression and recession since its inception. Schiff, who is the chief executive of Euro Pacific Capital, a longtime gold bug and market pundit, has been putting the upcoming economic disaster squarely on the shoulders of the Fed -very much where that blame belongs.

“I’m watching the U.S. economy implode from the beach,” Schiff told MarketWatch during a recent phone interview from a beach in Puerto Rico. “We’re in a lot of trouble,” he said. Schiff has often been considered “polarizing”  to Wall Street pundits because he calls the Fed out for their destruction of the economy and that’s just not something most want to hear.  The prominent investor should be worthy of investors’ attention, however, because his prescient calls ahead of the 2008 financial crisis, which earned him plaudits as one of the few able to spot a global economic crisis emanating from the housing market, were correct as  MarketWatch reported.

Schiff says that after a decade of “easy money” policies, such as money printing and low interest rates, the Fed has set up an economy unable to cope with a rise in rates. Schiff added that the inflation that has taken hold in the lofty prices of stocks and other assets and predicts will gradually shift to higher prices for consumers, who are already feeling their wallets burn thanks to the trade war. The other big problem is that Americans are broke.  Any interest rate hike could push debt-laden and cash-strapped Americans to the brink forcing them to choose which bills will get paid….

Engdahl: Washington’s Silent Weapon for Not-so-quiet Wars. “A World Full of Dollars”

Today by far the deadliest weapon of mass destruction in Washington’s arsenal lies not with the Pentagon or its traditional killing machines. It’s de facto a silent weapon: the ability of Washington to control the global supply of money, of dollars, through actions of the privately-owned Federal Reserve in coordination with the US Treasury and select Wall Street financial groups. Developed over a period of decades since the decoupling of the dollar from gold by Nixon in August, 1971, today control of the dollar is a financial weapon that few if any rival nations are prepared to withstand, at least not yet.

Ray McGovern: Michael Isikoff Cuts His Losses at ‘Russian Roulette’

Last Saturday, veteran Washington journalist Michael Isikoff began a John Ehrlichman/Watergate-style “modified limited hangout” regarding the embarrassing overreach in his Russia-gate “collusion” reporting. He picked an unctuous, longtime fan, radio host John Ziegler, to help him put some lipstick on the proverbial pig. Even so, the interview did not go so well.

Those who can muster some residual empathy for formerly serious reporters who have gotten Russia-gate so wrong, may feel genuine sadness at this point. Those fed up with pretense, unprofessionalism, and dodging, however, will find it hard to listen to the audible squirming without a touch, or more, of Schadenfreude — the word Germans use to denote taking joy at the misfortune of others.

In a word, it proved hard to square the circle inside which Isikoff and other Russia-gate aficionados have been living in for more than two years after last week’s disclosures. Ziegler’s repeated expressions of admiration for Isikoff’s work, plus his softball questions, utterly failed to disguise Isikoff’s disappointment that Robert Mueller’s Russia-gate investigation is “not where a lot of people would like it to be.”

“A lot of people” includes Isikoff.

Commenting on the trove of legal and other documents now available, Isikoff pretty much conceded that he and his co-writer, journalist David Corn were, in effect, impersonating serious investigative journalists when they published in April 2017 their gripping Russia-gate chef d’oeuvre: “Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump.”…

Key study behind US gun control argument is fake

As always, there’s an agenda.


The systemic problem with the MSM is that they are corporations with wide ranging financial interests distributed throughout the economic status quo, the same status quo that is driving this country into a destitute, totalitarian nightmare.   They all have similar interests, especially in their dealings with washington.   I.e. don’t buck the feds if you want continued access to the biggest source of “news” in the country.

To point out a specific illustration of this problem, the MSM knew damn well there were no WMD’s in iraq well before the invasion, but they were content to parrot the official line.   This was not an aberration.   It was SOP.   And it will continue to be SOP until people stop listening to them.

How to Stop Terror Attacks