USAID Pushes Infant Genital Mutilation in Africa

The profit potential of the destruction of the family in africa is immense for disaster capitalists.  Everything from real estate to “medicine” to “criminal justice” to banking and tax collection stand to benefit from the economic hemorrhage resulting from the mortal wounding of human families and communities, which will have either no effect or an adverse effect on net HIV incidence due to increased vaginal abrasion (see second article linked below).   The usual bogus UTI and phimosis canards are also trotted out from the wax museum of medical madness like zombies that just won’t die.   At least they aren’t worried about masturbatory insanity any more.

Self serving medical lies and coverups die hard.

No mention of how much tax money this self-adulatory bureaucracy is spending on this child torture boondoggle.

But the US government isn’t under satanic influences.

… The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, or UNAIDS, recommend voluntary adult circumcision in high HIV-prevalence countries like Swaziland to lessen the chance for HIV’s spread. They, along with UNICEF, also recommend early-infant male circumcision (EIMC) be implemented in parallel with adult circumcision programs. Health officials say that not only will infant circumcision help protect boys from HIV when they become sexually active later in life, but that it also protects infants and boys from serious health complications such as urinary tract infections and paraphimosis, a condition that can lead to pain and swelling in the affected area, and may require surgery. Three years ago, Swaziland’s Ministry of Health turned those recommendations into action and launched a nationwide program with assistance from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through USAID, UNICEF, PSI and Jhpiego, a development organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University.

In less than three years, the program has provided 1,300 voluntary circumcisions to boys [??] across the tiny independent kingdom within the borders of South Africa. USAID’s support directly contributed to 1,226 of these procedures….

Swaziland is a traditionally non-circumcising country. Therefore, the introduction of early-infant male circumcision requires intensive community awareness and sensitization, training and buy-in of health care workers, and patience as the country begins to accept a new HIV intervention whose benefits become apparent in the long term.

To spread the word about the procedure to expectant parents and others in the country, USAID created the Lugotjwa Lusemanti campaign, which loosely translates to “bend the reed when it is green.” Through posters, brochures and media outlets, parents learned about the health benefits of circumcision and about why the ideal time for the procedure is soon after a boy is born, while he is still in a health facility.

The effort also recruited and trained volunteers to speak with expecting mothers, fathers and hospital staffers about infant circumcision. And, at Swaziland’s annual trade fair, the project hosted a special event called the “Baby Fair,” where mothers-to-be could attend a fashion show featuring pregnant models; visit stalls set up by local businesses selling baby-friendly products; and talk with peer educators about infant circumcision.

“I was scared of getting my baby circumcised, but after talking to some nurses, my boyfriend convinced me that it was the right decision to take and that it would benefit the child in the long term,” said Qwabe….

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Genocider in Chief: “Run For Cover”: Greenspan Warns The Bull Market Is Over

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan told CNN that it may be time for investors to “run for cover” – after massively hedging his language to include the possibility of further market gains before a painful correction….

We are Heading for a Deflationary / Inflationary Depression


Gene-edited farm animals are coming.  Will the public eat them?


… As scientists in labs across the world create virus-resistant pigs, heat-tolerant cattle and fatter, more muscular lambs, a big question looms: Will regulation, safety concerns and public skepticism prevent these advances from becoming anything more than fascinating laboratory experiments, or will the animals transform agriculture and the food supply? So far, gene-editing tools have jump-started research worldwide, creating more than 300 pigs, cattle, sheep and goats. Now, proponents of the field say the United States is at a make-or-break moment, when government action over the next year could determine whether any gene-edited food animals make it to market….

Al Jazeera Investigation of the Israeli Lobby in the USA

The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby – USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel’s covert influence campaign in the United States.

We are releasing the leaked film simultaneously with France’s Orient XXI and Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar, which have respectively subtitled the episodes in French and Arabic.

The film was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017.

But it was censored after Qatar, the gas-rich Gulf emirate that funds Al Jazeera, came under intense Israel lobby pressure not to air the film….

Aspartame: Sweet Mind Control

(Natural News) A bombshell scientific study reveals that aspartame may be one of the most damaging vectors for the widespread “dumbing down” of humanity. Published in AJTCAM (African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines), the study is entitled, “IMPACT OF ASPARTAME CONSUMPTION ON NEUROTRANSMITTERS IN RAT BRAIN.” (Source)

The study fed rats aspartame for durations of 10 – 40 days, then decapitated the rats and analyzed their brains. From the abstract, “Blood and brain tissue were collected for biochemical analysis. Biochemical analysis of brain tissue includes neurotransmitters (Acetylcholine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, ?-aminobutyric acid and serotonin). Serum for determination of lipid peroxidation (MDA), reduced glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD).”

The results of the study found a dose-dependent relationship between aspartame consumption and the destruction of neurotransmitters — brain chemicals necessary for the function of neurons.

“Brain neurotransmitters levels (serotonin, GABA and dopamine) were reduced significantly compared with control,” the study says. Furthermore, levels of brain antioxidants that protect brain tissue from oxidation damage — often caused by chemical exposure — were sharply depleted. “…[D]ata obtained showed that antioxidant activities (SOD and GSH) were reduced significantly,” the study reports.

The conclusion of the study found that, “Consumption of [aspartame] for a long time increased oxidative stress in brain tissue and disruption in neurotransmitters that affect physiological functions.”

Huge reduction in serotonin and sharp increase in epinephrine may explain the chemical alteration of the masses

The study found that serotonin levels were reduced by nearly 74% (with some margin of error) in rats that consumed 125mg of aspartame vs. rats fed no aspartame. At the same time, levels of epinephrine were substantially increased by almost 500%. Epinephrine is the “fight or flight” chemicals that’s normally associated with fear, uncertainty and danger.

What these results show is absolutely stunning: Aspartame sharply reduces core neurotransmitters in the brain while aggressively increasing chemicals associated with fear and danger….