Sunshine, Lollipops and the Midterms

To me the midterms were not a choice between two controlled and thus largely irrelevant political diversions, but a choice between the predatory and secretive transnational interests which perpetuate those diversions and something resembling self-governance.

Both parties are utterly and probably hopelessly corrupt and so one strategy, if you trust the election machinery (  ) would be to always vote against the incumbent to try to sow a bit of chaos amidst the status quo.   If one party is clearly more corrupt than the other then an alternative strategy would be to vote against that party.    The fall-back strategy would be to vote with your feet, but this is where “the wall” might actually be “self”, rather than “other” directed.  (  )

Let me be even more stark here: since the same invisible ubergarchs who have created a flood of refugees from their “3rd” world plantation to their bottomless piggy bank (the 1st world) are big fans of depopulation, the machinery of depopulation which was deployed in the former decades ago ( ) is now well advanced in the latter as well, but in a more concentrated form.   This can be seen in the wholesale distribution of endocrine disruptors , vaccine predation  family disruption , miseducation   economic sabotage the “drug war” and the hideously expensive and omnicidal “war on terror” (see the reference section) all having devastating impacts on the domestic arena. A comprehensive, scientifically designed program of societal demolition (the shock doctrine) of which the dollar collapse is only one facet.

Since neither “party” has anything of substance to say about any of these issues, being preoccupied with sounding the alarm about the lethality of human breath  this election has mainly chosen which group of traitors will be given the opportunity to act out their corruption .

With much of the herd still minding the genocidal warmongering torture apologists in the MSM (of which the in-q-tel funded social and search giants are a part ), who have long facilitated the conditions from which the refugees are fleeing, it’s hard to see how anything will change in the foreseeable future.

But seriously, I’m an incurable optimist!   That’s why I’m doing this blog.   We have a lot going for us.   That being ourselves and damn little else.   But it’s a start, if we can see the MSM’s attempts to turn us against each other as the satanic manipulation that it is. .  Besides, our children deserve a hell of a lot better.

For recovering democrats, please see

For recovering republicans, I really don’t even know where to start.   This is a visible empire within an invisible empire, with all the baggage and corruption and violence that empires entail.   Empires have always been very good at concealing their true nature from their domestic audience.   They need to be, not least because the audience can very quickly become imprisoned targets under the right conditions .   Economic catastrophe would be very conductive to such a scenario.

But don’t let it get you down.   Learned helplessness is part of the psyop too.  Life always finds a way.

And now back to your regularly scheduled diversion.

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