Climate Action Plan for Columbia Missouri

I wonder how many people realize that virtually all US municipal governments are currently preparing for a purported road-warrior climate catastrophe scenario by implementing their own self-imposed catastrophes?

The columbia missouri plan is at .  I’m sure it was created from a template.    Its fancy layout, graphics and infinitely credulous parroting of conventional wisdom reeks of elite social engineering.   Google “x y climate action plan” to find the one for your city.

Zero emissions by 2060.  Is there room for people in these plans?   How will we heat houses or cook food?   How will we build houses or transport food?

Isn’t it maybe time to step back, get some historical perspective and reflect on some basic facts?   Like the fact that if their climate computer models show anything, it’s that they don’t know what they’re talking about.   Apparently the insurance industry agrees, since they’re still insuring 30 year mortgages along the US coasts  for many thousands of houses that are supposedly going to be underwater long before the mortgage is paid off.   They’re betting $billions against the conventional wisdom.  Do you really think they’re just not paying attention?   I think not.

How is it possible that the american peasantry, who have repeatedly believed and been made to pay dearly for many decades of proven fake events, false flags and lies that were handed down as gospel from on high by our most “respected” authority figures to justify everything from endless war to routine baby sexual torture, are still no closer to asking perfectly reasonable questions about the official dogma of the day than they were a century ago, or 5 centuries ago for that matter?

We’re living in some kind of secular THEOCRACY, with bought and paid for “experts” standing in for the priests of medieval times.  The vatican’s jealously guarded monopoly control of biblical interpretation, exercised through its control of physical bibles (before the printing press) and the scarcity of latin literacy, has analogs in the monopolization of media control and the inscrutability of climate science to the general public.   Galileo would be amazed at the adaptability of the luciferian establishment, which probably controlled the vatican even in his day.

Here’s my expert opinion, which I’m giving away for free:   We live under a bloodthirsty psychopathic oligarchy which wants global poverty and depopulation for the purpose of retaining power.   They control vast and invisible wealth which they allocate as they see fit.   “Science” is a particularly cheap and lucrative investment for them.  “Human caused” global cooling, global warming and now global climate “change” were and are manufactured crises in keeping with their objectives.

In short, the establishment’s commitment to anything remotely environmental is utterly laughable.   If the earth was really going to burn up they’d make it happen faster once they figured out a way to profit from it.   It would be just another form of disaster capitalism.

With just a little historical perspective, could this possibly be more obvious?

In summary: no matter how cynical you are, it’s not enough.

The matrix is real, but they’re not harvesting body heat (heat is the lowest form of energy) but rather human intention (the highest form).

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