Why you should REJECT the flu shot and take a SANE approach to immunity

via govtslaves.info

(Natural News) Bullies and charlatans are everywhere these days. You can find them on the playgrounds, the internet, and even in your own home. They push you around, tell you fictional stories that never really happened, and believe in their lies like they are the God-given truth. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in a conventional doctor’s office during flu season.

But you have wised up, right? You’re not playing their “do as you’re told” game, because you have educated yourself enough to ask intelligent questions and are brave enough to confront your doctor on the subject, even if it makes your knees shake. After all, it’s YOU that has to deal with the potential repercussions, whereas the doctor just walks away with more dirty money lining his pocket, while claiming ignorance to any potential injury you may sustain.

However, in case you’re still not sure if you should reject the flu shot, consider these three reasons why you should, along with some bonafide ways to improve immunity and get over the flu, naturally….



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