Who is Behind “Fake News”?

A media company’s credibility is inversely proportional to the size and financial diversity of the corporation that owns that company.   More economic tendrils into the system means more investment in the status quo.

In other words, you could say that credibility is inversely proportional to “credibility”.   What a world.

While the independent and alternative media (including Global Research) are accused without evidence of publishing “fake news”, the routine publication of  “fake news” by the corporate media is invariably overlooked.

While those who criticize the mainstream media are tagged as “conspiracy theorists”, the evidence amply confirms that the corporate media is involved in the publication of “fake images” and “fake video footage.”

And now the European Union is contemplating the adoption of laws which criminalize “fake news”:

“Is criminalizing fake news the way forward? German lawmakers have called for legal action against the production and distribution of fake news. But digital rights groups warned of the harrowing effects it could have online, including censorship.” (Deutsche Welle, December 14, 2016)

This proposed legal action is largely intended to “go after” the independent online media and social media which is challenging mainstream media reports.

In this article we will focus on the news coverage pertaining to a selection of important events including the March 2016 Brussels terror attacks in which fake videos and/or fake images were used by the corporate media with a view to deliberately misleading public opinion. ….


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