Top 4 FAKE NEWS science websites promote chemical-laden food and toxic medicine as “safe and effective”


(Natural News) Every major “science” website found in a Google search yields front page results featuring corporations and companies that refuse to do any research whatsoever regarding natural medicine and organic food curing diseases and disorders. That’s because in America, if you don’t mix toxic chemicals in beakers and alter or mutate plant and animal DNA in a laboratory, it’s just not considered science. Ever since the advent of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and GMOs, if you’re not “all in” for using carcinogenic chemicals to fight diseases that are caused by those same chemicals, then your reputation is tarnished and branded as “anti-science” and “anti-vaxxer.”

Here’s how fake news in the science world works:

  • Step one: You declare that all research and news of those studies that expose your own fake news is fake news.
  • Step two: You get funding from evil corporations, like Monsanto, who exist to make American consumers sick.
  • Step three: You run fake studies and skew the research to reach “conclusions” that are pre-determined to say all chemicals are very healthy for humans, sustainable for the environment, and are helping in the “search for the cure” for all the most popular diseases and disorders.
  • Step four: You become a “fact checker” for the Big Tech social media thugs who ban, shadow ban, and de-fund any real news that exposes fake news or shares natural cures.

Plus, fake news science websites rely on peer review shams and censorship of the truth in order to spread their propaganda. In fact, most of the current “peer reviewed” pieces in medical journals and science journals are now complete and utter paid-for fabrications. Anyone who chooses to contradict these fake reviews is immediately banned from the conversations, publications, and is declared to be “anti-science.” Watch the following video and you will understand, and then we’ll share the top 4 FAKE NEWS science websites….

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