The Medical Inquisition: Dok sez Gardasil Paralysis “Mental Illness”

Ah yes, another case of resistance to medical authority.  Time for a lobotomy?   Electroshock?   What’s your expert opinion doctor?

There’s probably a “mental illness” custom manufactured for such cases.   They’re especially concerned that awareness of this “mental illness” is a form of mental illness in itself, which is becoming pandemic among their pool of guinea — er —  patients.

I wonder what they call it?   Mediphobia?   Failure to submit?   No doubt heroic measures are called for.


12-year-old girl becomes paralyzed after being injected with Gardasil… doctors say it’s all in her mind

(Natural News) Vaccines are heralded as “life-saving” medicine, but for Mia Blesky, that’s anything but true. The preteen from England was given the first round of the Gardasil shot at school when she was just 12 years old, and life has never been the same ever since. Within just 24 hours, Mia’s Gardasil nightmare was already unfolding. The family says that the morning after getting jabbed, Mia was unable to walk and had a burning sensation running down her spine. Within a matter of weeks, the paralysis spread to all four limbs. But that’s not the worst part: Doctors refuse to acknowledge the fact that Mia’s symptoms began after her vaccination. Instead, health officials say that Mia’s paralysis is in her head — and they are even recommending she be institutionalized.

Instead of helping this vaccine-injured child, British health authorities want to lock her away in a mental hospital — probably so no one will hear or believe her family’s tragic story.

HPV vaccine maims another young girl

According to Mia’s family, she has lost all ability to use her limbs, suffers from incontinence and struggles to keep regular food down. She went from being a normal, healthy 12-year-old child who dreamed of being a pop star, to being bed-ridden and unable to move. Mia is paralyzed from the neck down, but is still able to speak and sing. …

Mia’s family says that she was taken to the hospital the day after she received her first Gardasil vaccine. Her mom, Gini Blesky, says that the morning after, she could not walk; her legs were shaky and couldn’t bare any weight, with a burning sensation on both sides of her spine. Doctors sent her home, saying she just needed some acetaminophen and a bath.

But as the symptoms of paralysis worsened, Mia was taken back to the emergency room. Mia was admitted to the hospital for a few days but was ultimately released.

Within ten days, Gini says, Mia had completely lost the use of her legs. Within a few more weeks, she lost the use of both arms. And the mainstream medical community is refusing to actually help her.

“When Mia was admitted to hospital, the doctors said it was a form of self-harm and she was doing it to herself,” Gini told Daily Mail.

‘They discharged her after a few days. They gave her no treatment. We had to buy her a wheelchair. I had to carry her to the car,” she added.

‘It has been absolutely awful, but the doctors say it’s psychological and down to bullying or sexuality issues, which is rubbish. The only thing they have offered to do is section her,” Gini said.

Mia’s mom states that health authorities have offered no other form of care for her daughter, and have refused to acknowledge her concerns about the Gardasil vaccine — even though countless other girls have experienced similar symptoms post-vaccination…..

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