Scientists find a natural way to increase breast milk production

(Natural News) Breastfeeding is recognized by both traditional and conventional healers to be the best source of nutrition for most infants. New moms are able to provide the right amounts of nutrients to their baby, including important antibodies that protect the infant from various viruses and bacteria. This is especially true of colostrum, the first milk.

That being said, only half of American women choose to exclusively breastfeed their child after six months, choosing to supplement their child’s diet with infant formula. There are many reasons for this, ranging from personal choice to an inability to produce enough milk.

It is the latter that is the most emotionally painful for the new mother, as a delay in milk production may affect her ability to bond with her baby or contribute to an increased risk of developing postpartum depression.

Many such mothers often turn to modern medicine for help; but treatment options typically include drugs that interfere with dopamine receptors, causing a rise in prolactin (the breastfeeding hormone) levels. These drugs, however, are not without their risks — mothers who take these medications often develop severe depression.

Natural galactagogues, then, are being considered as alternative options. Of these, one traditional Chinese medicine is gaining popularity. Zengru Gao, which is a herbal complex of eight different types of plants, is typically prescribed by traditional healers to increase breast milk production. A recent study has validated its potential as a natural means to help new mothers produce more milk….

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