Philadelphia Child Protection Agency Caught Running Pedophile Ring

Here is one more Child Protection Agency Pedophile Ring that have being discovered.  But how many of them are never discovered and the system keep serving new supply of children misplaced from they loving home.  The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey has charged 55-year-old Charles Borrelli, a senior employee of the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, with third-degree possession of child pornography.

For the past 15 years however, Borrelli worked directly with Department of Human Services, in which is responsible for the wellbeing of thousands of at-risk children in and around the Philadelphia area, although now it seems he was doing so because he is a pedophile.

According to two DHS sources from within the organization, Borrelli had unfettered access to the databases that include personal information about the children under DHS care, without supervision.

This is incredibly worrysome that a pedophile could have been monitoring or even worse stalking these children.

Borrelli was since been released from jail pending trial, which only further shows the incompetence of the Judicial system.

Pedophiles should not have a bond, period.

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Child Protection Agency Pedophile Ring.  How many of those should we discover to do something about it.  Why is the government does not do anything.  Child Protective Agency is the government.  We are all aware what is going on.


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