Monsanto Franken-Fruits hit the produce racks soon – watch out for genetically mutated mushrooms, tomatoes, bananas and strawberries


(Natural News) Gene editing of food happens when scientists remove part of a plant or seed’s DNA sequence and replace it with bacteria or pathogens that would normally never grow that way in nature. There is absolutely no science proving this is safe for humans, so anyone who consumes genetically modified foods is playing Russian roulette with their health.

Monsanto, the most evil corporation on planet Earth, is now branding their latest fruit and vegetable science monsters that grow from “Crispr” gene editing during laboratory experimentation as “cutting-edge technology,” even though past GMO experiments (like with BT corn and Roundup Ready crops) have completely backfired, causing cancer, anxiety, depression, and kidney failure in tested lab animals.

If you’re into taking health RISKS, eat experimental peach-flavored strawberries, seedless tomatoes, non-browning mushrooms, and ultra-sweet strawberries

Pro biotech propagandists always refer to anyone who doesn’t want to eat genetically modified foods as “anti-science.” They believe that anything created in a laboratory is 100 percent safe for the environment, farm animals, and of course, humans. They lie and say there is a “World Scientific Consensus” that doesn’t exist. These biotech shills are the same pharma goons and charlatans that promote every vaccine and flu shot as “100% safe and effective,” even though the vaccine industry has paid out over $3.5 billion to parents whose children have been maimed by toxic immunizations. Now you’re asking, what does this have to do with food?

Consider this: To be anti-GMO is actually pro-science, not “anti-science.” When honest scientists research how inserting the genes of bacteria into produce affects animal health, the results are horrendously shocking, but Monsanto skews their own research to hide these facts and then has their shills bad-mouth all contesting research. This has been going on for decades, ever since GM corn and soy were first created in labs and grown on U.S. soil in the mid-1980s.

New versions of old fruits will be “planted” in the produce aisles conspicuously to trick consumers who avoid GM crops at all costs. If GMOs are so great for the environment, farm animals and humans, why doesn’t Monsanto put a bright sticker on everything GMO – bragging about it and announcing all food that’s gene edited? Why do they fight so hard to keep labels off genetically modified food if it’s supposedly going to save the world from starvation, drought, bugs, and weeds? The answer is simple. It’s all experimental and dangerous, using chemicals in laboratories to alter the genetic makeup of Mother Nature’s pure food, while their rogue scientists claim it’s all safe, sustainable, and “cutting edge” technology….

This is modern eugenics.   Eugenicists believe that their idea of subhumans tend to be low achievers, which will be the demographic which doesn’t have the education to research the GMO issue and avoid the chronic disease and cancer which results from eating GMO food.   Of course the dragnet will also entangle well-educated sheep but there’s no shortage of them anyway.

GM food banned in Monsanto canteen

Monsanto, the biggest promoter of genetically modified food, was hoist with its own petar when it was disclosed that it has a staff canteen in which GM produce is banned.

Monsanto, the biggest promoter of genetically modified food, was hoist with its own petar when it was disclosed that it has a staff canteen in which GM produce is banned.

The firm running the canteen at Monsanto’s pharmaceuticals factory at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, serves only GM-free meals, Friends of the Earth said. In a notice in the canteen, Sutcliffe Catering, owned by the Granada Group, said it had taken the decision “to remove, as far as practicable, GM soya and maize from all food products served in our restaurant. We have taken the above steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve.”

Monsanto confirmed the position. “Yes, this is the case, and it is because we believe in choice,” said the company’s spokesman, Tony Coombes. But employees at Monsanto’s agribusiness plant at Cambridge were happy to eat GM produce, he said. “The notice in the restaurant there says some products may contain GMOs [genetically modified organisms] – because our staff are happy to eat food sprayed with fewer chemicals.”…

The last statement is of course ludicrous.  As with all pesticides and herbicides, pests become tolerant over time.   The difference is that farmers no longer have to worry about their crops being impacted in the resultant chemical arms race, so the sky is the limit as far as spraying.  The crops are already toxic anyway, what difference will additional toxins make?   Aside from synergistic toxicity, I mean.

Apparently the same is true of the monsanto headquarters in st. louis.

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