Is Trump Planning to Dump the Fed?

Trump must know that the fed has been setting us up for another  Great Ripoff to usher in the NWO.   Is Powell working with Trump to set up the fed for elimination like the turd that it is?

For years it was the unspoken consensus that president Trump would sooner or later be the fall guy for a decade of central bank monetary lunacy which, courtesy of $15 trillion in freshly created liquidity and record low interest rates, has blown the world’s largest asset bubble yet.

Then, over the past week, Trump appeared to successfully flip the table on this narrative – and the Fed – and after several public criticisms of Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s monetary policy (which is merely a response to Trump’s $1.5 trillion fiscal stimulus which has pushed the economy into overheating mode), the president’s anti-Fed tirade culminated with several accusations that the latest market rout was entirely the result of the Fed which “has gone crazy”, and whose rate hikes are “out of control” causing the stock market to fall.

On Thursday morning, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he knows monetary policy better than the Fed’s leaders, and continued criticizing them for interest-rate increases. “The Fed is out of control,” Trump said. “I think what they’re doing is wrong.” The market plunge is “a correction that I think is caused by the Federal Reserve”, Trump said.

While the president repeatedly criticized the Fed over the past 24 hours as markets plunged, market analysts have continued to attribute the stock decline to concerns that Trump’s trade war with China could escalate. Trump, however, resolutely placed blame squarely with the Fed.

One person who was impressed by Trump’s strategy was DoubleLine’s Jeff Gundlach, who during his latest CNBC appearance said that Trump is “crazy like a fox” for blaming the Fed for the latest market rout….

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