Hype Bomb Psyop: What Went Wrong?

Take a look at the van that the supposed perpetrator was driving. Very high production values, not a spot of dirt or wear or fading on either the van or the posters.   This is right out of a hollywood script.

This was such an obviously fake production that I have to wonder if it was intended to be exposed.   If so, the MSM will turn it around as a false flag of a false flag.   The narrative would be that trumpsters set it up to be exposed as a false flag in order to indict the democrats for conducting false flags in the public mind.    And who knows, maybe that’s what happened.   Except it wouldn’t be trumpsters, it would be the faction of the intelligence apparatus which is arrayed against the globalists.   When deception is the rule it’s hard to know what to believe.

But as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t whether it’s a false flag, a false flag of a false flag or a false flag of a false flag of a false flag!   The underlying reality is that the NWO cabal has taken over the democratic party (and much of the republican party), and if the dirty tricks apparatus of the nationalist faction in government use their own tactics against them, it could be argued that it was a “necessary evil” given the cluelessness of the american public.

Anyway, the narrative that seems the most politically constructive to me is the simplest one: through sheer incompetence reflecting their own internal disarray and growing desperation, the “deep state” has managed, in one enormous blunder, to expose all of its biggest left-wing public deceivers in a very concise way for everyone to see.   The supposed targets of the plot are the public faces of its primary authors.   This position would seem to be supported by MSNBC’s clumsy attempt to pin it on the russians, implying that they are improvising around an unexpected development by muddying the water, that they have lost control of the situation.   I mean really.   Wasn’t that yesterday’s big lie?

Somehow the CNN “bomb” managed to get to their mail room without its stamps being voided

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