Watch Live As Thousands of Camouflaged Men, Armed With Assault Rifles Cross Over From Mexico Into Arizona

It’s ok, they’re “liberals”, whatever that means.

It’s not like the american peasantry isn’t sitting on a prime piece of real estate.   Who are we to deny the appetites of our luciferian overlords?    What’s the point of stealing trainloads of money if you can’t buy the future with it?

Soros and the United Nations have publicly organized this criminal invasion to collapse our border just as they have done in Europe

Footage shows heavily armed men pouring into Arizona from Mexico in what looks like a scene out of Red Dawn.

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Below is the footage of the camouflaged men invading America:

A rancher on the Arizona border provided us with all the footage from his hidden cameras planted around his land. Most of this footage is from 2018. Courtesy: Chilton Ranch / Arizona Border Recon

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