So Trump is genitally mutilated. So is Bill Clinton. And?

And so are about 75% of american men.  Seriously, how much longer can this elephantine ballet dancer pirouette around the national psyche without notice?

If american medicine thought it was convenient to cut off babies’ noses to prevent buggers, could the situation be more outlandish or outrageous?

Stormy Daniels Dishes On Trump’s “Mushroom Penis

Barely two weeks after former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen agreed to tear up Stormy Daniels nondisclosure agreement, the former adult film actress and alleged Trump mistress is getting ready to publish her much-hyped book, “Full Disclosure”. And in keeping with what has become a tradition for authors preparing to publish critical texts involving the president, Daniels has leaked a copy of the manuscript to the Guardian, which on Tuesday published several explosive excerpts detailing Daniels’ story about her brief relationship with Trump. …

The Secret Rage of Bill Clinton: American Medical Genital Mutilation

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