Microwave assault: Yet another domestic social engineering program

The purpose of social destabilization or engineering is to prevent, destroy or channel the spontaneous creation of autonomous social formations such as communities in order to serve the agenda of the social engineers, which might range from regime change to  family disintegration for the purpose of harvesting children or selling drugs to them.  It can be a very lucrative way to milk or control masses of people in a serious way.

In this country it takes many forms from circumcision and obstetrical abuse to govt drug running and imprisonment to imposed poverty to meducation to degrading and alienating infotainment.   When imposing social engineering on foreign countries such as iraq it’s often necessary to start with some kind of military invasion, but here the enemy is already within the gates, so to speak.

And then there’s  microwave “gang stalking”.

I’ve heard about this for years and the technology to alter emotional states and induce auditory hallucinations via microwaves exists, but I only recently started hearing reports of actual deployment that seemed credible.  This guy seems very genuine and knowledgeable.    He claims to be a former operative, who is now under attack since he became a whistleblower.   After listening to him it’s easier to believe the stories of victims such as Katherine Horton, some of whose videos I’ve already posted to this blog.

He’s not up on a lot of the technical aspects of the technique (he was a field operative, not a technician) and seems to think that it’s always necessary to either implant a device or physically “tail” or move in next door to someone in order to beam microwaves at them, but I question whether this is true any more since the installation of large numbers of cell towers and the coming deluge of 5G transmitters, which can act as phased array antennas to simultaneously and individually zap large numbers of people wherever they go, under computer control at a central location.   If the victim carries a cell phone with them it would make custom-tailored manipulation much easier to implement on an individual basis, but if the purpose is general social destabilization it would probably be sufficient to saturate a region with an appropriately modulated signal in order to produce the desired “hive mind” of depression, anger or whatever.   Potential applications in the destruction of economic output or the induction of riots are clear.

I have no personal experience with any of this (to my knowledge!) but Patricia my co-blogger has and I have no doubt that such technology would be used if it was available.   It’s almost certainly been used against american embassy personnel recently, although in a much more overt and obvious way than typical covert “gang stalking.”

Are your thoughts and feelings really your own?

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