“Medical Skepticism” Regarding Alternative and Traditional Medical Systems

It is not skepticism that is at fault for science’s lack of movement into the future… It is fear, conservatism, and dogmatism. It is pseudoskepticism which clings to a scientifically disproved belief system, a triumvirate of ancient philosophies: materialism, rationalism and naturalism.”  — Ralph Abraham, Professor of Mathematics, University of California-Santa Cruz.

This article will challenge a relatively recent group of Skeptics that identify themselves as the advocates of Science-Based Medicine (SBM), which is not to be confused with the widely accepted approach to decision-making in medical practice known as Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).  Although SBM’s most vocal leaders are physicians and medical researchers, the group’s origin is more properly found in the growing Skepticism movement, which advocates strict adherence to mainstream science and diligently criticizes alternative and traditional medical systems and therapies as pseudo-science, quackery and enemies of reason….


Just show me which authority figure to follow, thinking is too hard!   What right do I have to question the intentions of profit-driven psychopathic corporations which fund and steer medical research into proprietary treatments and FDA approvals to their liking?    What’s my problem?  Don’t I believe in science?

Uhm … when did “skepticism” become synonymous with blind faith?

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