Demonic Possession Of The Vatican

It’s become abundantly clear (at least to me) that the world is largely controlled by secret societies and many of these societies actually subscribe not just to a luciferian-like philosophy to validate their predatory behavior, but to an actual occult luciferian religion, complete with satanic rituals, prayer and sacrifices.   Astoundingly, this fundamental fact of human “civilization” is never mentioned in grade school textbooks.   Kids who are unlucky enough to discover it firsthand are generally never heard from again.

Of course it’s impossible, as impossible as fictional reserve banking or false flag terror.   But in retrospect it would be surprising if it wasn’t true, simply because it works very well as a business model.   Long before the same laws supposedly applied to kings and peasants alike, the overlords must have had the same incentive to justify and exploit their positions in life, and luciferianism is a custom fit for this purpose.   Once entrenched, such powerful organized multigenerational interests would be unlikely to allow mere peasants and politics to usurp their traditions, thus the need to “go underground” at a very early stage of recorded history.

Note that on an individual level, “demonic possession” is just the theological term for the established psychological fact of “dissociative identity disorder”, which can be induced via MK-Ultra or Monarch traumatization techniques. While there are differences when applied at the institutional/sociological level, the end result is the same: two or more entirely different “personalities” manifested in the same physical entity.   “Self-identity” is a slippery concept, but whatever it is, it can be externally manipulated.

Anyway, with the vatican being the oldest institution in the western world (to my knowledge) it wouldn’t be surprising to find out it was also the most corrupt, possibly even the most powerful in terms of its network of influence.   The systemic pedophilia (and implied blackmail) factor certainly speaks volumes.   In any case, it’s an interesting data point worthy of study by anyone attempting to understand this crazy world.

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