Currency War on Turkey, Dollar Flight and Massive Stakes

The transatlantic financial elite are nearly throwing the kitchen sink at Turkey, as far as currency & economic war is concerned. Since the Coup of 2016 didn’t work in making Ankara heel before Atlanticist imperial desires, the money vice is now re-deployed, as it had been over the past couple of years, and in clumsy, desperate fashion, driving this strategically vital NATO member (barely a NATO member at this point, though…) further eastward into the waiting arms of Russia, China, Iran, and their rising number of Eurasian, southern hemispheric and Belt & Road Initiative transcontinental partners & allies.

Yet the harder the fiscal belligerence against Turkey, the more transparent the means deployed, and the weightier the fodder obtained by Turkey & its non-NATO friends in using the very force of said economic war against the initiators & inflictors of an intended currency collapse against the Turkish lira. This sense of counter-attack by Turkey & its eastern partners thereby sets an example for other nations targeted by Washington & its allies due to noncompliance or obstinance over such items as energy pipeline mandates, wider global developmental priorities & the very essence of a continuing unipolar versus a multipolar world order….

The empire continues munching away on the USA.

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