9/11: Old Video of WTC7 Explosion Demolition Sequence Found

… While video clips of Building 7 collapsing for no apparent reason are all over the internet for inquiring minds to examine, long lost footage recently found on an old digital camera and uploaded to REAL.video shows this largely unknown-to-the-general-public structure, which sat some 370 feet to the north of WTC 1, collapsing in on itself with all the classic demarcations of a controlled demolition – immediately following a series of explosions that are visible from lower in the building.

Watch the clip below as the 47-story, solid steel office building, which wasn’t hit by either of the two airplanes, emit sudden flashes of light before dipping near the top-center of its structure and collapsing at what appears to be an accelerated free fall speed straight into the ground.

A thorough analysis of the situation conducted by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth found that there’s no way Building 7 would have collapsed in this manner if it were truly just hit by debris from the twin towers, which is what the official story dictates.

“Newton’s third law says that when objects interact, they always exert equal and opposite forces on each other,” says David Chandler, a physic teacher who has extensively studied the strange free fall behavior of Building 7 for many years since the tragedy occurred.

“Therefore, while an object is falling, if it exerts any force on objects in its path, those objects must push back, slowing the fall. If an object is observed to be in free fall, we can conclude that nothing in the path exerts a force to slow it down.”

But that’s just it: there was seemingly nothing to slow down the fall of Building 7 – almost like it was planned that way all along.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the below video of an old Las Vegas casino being demolished as part of a controlled demolition. Notice how there are similar explosions that take place just prior to the building forming a similar dip at its top, followed by it free falling into its own footprint just like Building 7 did on September 11, 2001.



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