Newsbud: The August Purge

Social media corporations first purged Alex Jones, and then went after a handful of libertarians. In the span of a few hours, all lost their social media voice. The social media giants have picked off accounts here and there for months, but they were just in the bull pen warming up. Facebook is now taking down pages on the advice of the Atlantic Council, a globalist think tank that receives funding from over a hundred transnational corporations, banks, fifteen foreign governments, and NATO. This isn’t about money. It’s about controlling the message. It’s about re-engineering the internet to make it difficult or even impossible for people to access information outside parameters established by corporations and government. The endgame will be criminalization of anonymity and encryption. It might not be long before the United States ends up with a system like the UK, France, and Germany. PC offenders are now fined, sued, and imprisoned across Europe. It has been a high crime in Germany and France for decades to question the official story of the Holocaust. Transcend certain bounds and the state will ruin your life. Probably some day not too far off in the future the global internet will resemble China’s Great Firewall—complete control by the state.

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