Psychopath Documentary

I’m posting this because it illustrates the ongoing coverup of what is almost certainly the main cause of psychopathy, violence, depression and drug addiction.   In this of course,  the medical establishment is very much complicit.   It should not be surprising that individual psychopaths would want to conceal and perpetuate their crimes, but what is worth considering is that it doesn’t matter whether this behavior is being orchestrated from the top or is an emergent consequence of a large number of damaged “experts” acting out their own developmentally-imprinted sensory and emotional deprivation and trauma.   The end result is the same.

This is why mothers have to take back their births from the institutional heirs to the “witch” (midwife) burners of old.

Medical Psychopaths Take a Stand Against Violence

How the Empire’s Child Abusers Censored Revolutionary Research into Causes of Violence

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

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