PhoneGate Coverup: The Cell Phone Industry’s Biggest Coup?

If you are one of the two billion people worldwide [2016] who use the latest in cell phone technology—by the way, I’m not one!—you need to take seriously what’s going on to prevent you, the consumer, from knowing the real dangers from cell phones and your right to information on the acute and chronic overexposure suffered from having been exposed to the radiation of our mobile phones for more than 20 years, the consequences to our health, in particular that of children, and our ability to continue our work of investigation and counter-information without risking lawsuits, and perhaps worse, huge fines,” as stated on the website Support PhoneGate Alert by signing our petition and making a donation.

Within that website is a working link * to sign our petition* toward the bottom, which you may want to sign, and which I did.

The importance of that petition and PhoneGate is this:  Cell phone manufacturers have not been factually truthful, if you know what I mean, regarding the toxicity output of their cell phones, generation after cell-phone generation for twenty years now!

Basically, Big Cell Phone—similar to Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag and all the other ‘biggies’—wants, and is getting, legal protection from independent researchers being able to investigate and report the dangers of cell phones, their toxic outputs, plus documented health problems, to the public and consumers!

Where’s transparency and truth in advertising?

They have become passé because, in my opinion, every industry wants what the vaccine industry ‘connived’ from the U.S. Congress: A law that exempted vaccine makers from defective/harmful product liability lawsuits, “The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan as part of a larger health bill on Nov 14, 1986, in the United States, to reduce the potential financial liability of vaccine makers due to vaccine injury claims.” (Source) Harm innocent children and adults and not be liable?  Where was Congress’s collective mind: where the sun doesn’t shine and where ‘money talks’?

I call that Congressional gift a “get out of jail free” card/law/gift!  No industry whatsoever should have such legal protections, as such legislation provides the very incentive to not produce safe and health-danger-free consumer products (hundreds of vaccines have come into the healthcare market place since 1986!), no matter what type of product it may be!…

Telephony manufacturers in particular will soon be completely protected to produce and sell phones whose harmfulness can no longer be denounced.

On June 14, 2018, the National Assembly, despite a petition that collected more than 570,000 signatures, and the mobilization of NGOs and associations committed to public freedom, will pass the law establishing the directive on business secrecy.

This law establishes business secrecy as a principle without its definition making it possible to determine its form. It no longer protects media companies that could be prosecuted before commercial courts. It excludes whistleblowers from the protection of the Sapin 2 law when a trade secret is alleged, thus protecting telephony manufacturers from any revelations about the risks to public health posed by the manufacture of phones.

14 June 2018 is two days after the entry into force of the final phase of the Directive 2014/53/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on the harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to making mobile devices available on the market and transposed into French law by the Order of 21 April 2016 and the Decree of 21 April 2017. This is the date chosen by the Directive to allow mobile device manufacturers to benefit from total confidentiality for the products they place on the European market that may present a risk to human health….

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