The American Food System is Totally Dependent on Slavery

This paper examines the connections linking recent changes in Latino migration, the American meatpacking industry, and American immigration policy. As the meatpacking industry has vertically integrated and shifted to rural non-union areas throughout the South, it has grown increasingly dependent on short-term low-skilled employees. This process can be understood as the industrialization of meatpacking, where profitability depends on continuous high-throughput production. To succeed, the industrialization of meatpacking requires a large pool of easily replaceable labor that has no control over the pace work on of the shop floor. At the same time, as immigrants have been drawn to these new company towns, American immigration policy has turned increasingly towards border enforcement. We argue that the presence of illegal immigrants within the factories reduces the bargaining power of shop workers and increases employer control. Most studies of immigration have focused on the supply of migrant labor, the immigrants attracted to higher paying jobs. We argue that valuable insight is gained by looking at the manufacturers’ demand for cheap labor and the implementation of an industrial strategy that requires it.

It’s not just an industrial strategy.   It’s an american consumer strategy which allows them to cling to their illusion of having a “standard” of living as the economy continues to be systematically hollowed out from under them.   Soon many of them will be forced to compete with the refugees of US-sponsored latin american death squad regimes which their taxes paid for and their favorite TV talking heads concealed from them.

Friends don’t let friends think that all this wasn’t planned years ago by the satanic elites, especially the rockefellers and their minions.

“The 1979 visit of Deng Xiaoping to the US was followed in June 1980 by the equally significant encounter in Wall Street of Rong Yiren, chairman of CITIC, and David Rockefeller. The meeting, held in the penthouse of the Chase Manhattan Bank complex, was attended by senior executives of close to 300 major US corporations. A major agreement was reached between Chase, CITIC, and the Bank of China, involving the exchange of specialists and technical personnel to ‘identify and define those areas of the Chinese economy most susceptible to American technology and capital infusion’.”

The evidence of intent is overwhelming.   Perot tried to warn us of what the clinton regime was foisting on us.

Alex Jones says Perot pulled out of the race because his family was threatened.   But I’m sure that’s just crazy talk.

American citizens and undocumented immigrants have a common enemy.     And it’s not Russia.

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