Obama Says ‘I Didn’t Have Scandals.’ So What Are All These?

“They” really do rely on american’s short memories and tunnel-vision focus on what they see on TV to the exclusion of all else.   Obama is a genocidal deep state operative like all the other presidents we’ve had since GHW Bush.   Trump is a pimple compared to the malignant tumors of the last 4 presidents.   That’s why he’s been under constant attack by the genocidal and treasonous corporate media.

Democrats and media revisionists try to make eight years of abuse disappear.

At a Las Vegas tech conference last week, former president Barack Obama told an audience that his presidency had been scandal-free. “I didn’t have scandals, which seems like it shouldn’t be something you brag about,” Obama joked, according to Newsweek. We hear this talking point quite often from Democrats.

Now, perhaps the president didn’t experience the fallout from a scandal, which is very different from never having been involved in one. For this confusion, Obama can thank the political media.

Why does it matter now? For one thing, historical revisionism shouldn’t go unchallenged. Democrats are running to retake power, and many of them were participants or accomplices in numerous corrosive scandals that have been airbrushed.

The other reason, of course, is that when we start to juxtapose the mythically idyllic Obama presidency with the tumultuous reign of Trump, we’re reminded that many journalists largely abdicated their responsibilities for eight years — which has a lot to do with the situation we find ourselves in today….




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