Cruel Joke: Claw-Wringing “Time” Asks “What Kind of Country Are We?”

That’s what Time magazine tweeted this morning. It is trying to place the blame for Trump’s immigration policy—specifically, his separation policy—on all Americans. Time wants us to stand up for the children.

But Time says nothing about the slaughter and starvation of children in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in particular Yemen. The US is assisting the Saudis in their genocidal war against the Houthi. It’s helping the fascists in Ukraine kill civilians in Donbas. It’s selling murder hardware to dictators and sadists.

When was the last time they did a cover denouncing Trump for his bombing campaigns in Syria and Iraq that have killed thousands of civilians? Are dead babies buried in rubble less important than immigrants from Mexico and Honduras?…

OMG they just will not stop.   They have more blood on their hands than a THOUSAND trumps.    And of course they don’t shy away from politically exploiting the victims of the policies that they’ve either actively supported or actively concealed in their years of profit-driven predation.

Democrats Finally Deviate From “Let’s Start World War 3” Midterm Platform

Last night Rachel Maddow finally took a break from her relentless warmongering toward Russia, Syria and North Korea to have a pretend cry about the plight of immigrant children on her hit MSNBC show. It was arguably the climax of a loud nationwide outcry against a federal policy of separating parents from their children when they are arrested for illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States, and the following day President Trump signed an executive order suspending that policy while congress comes up with some less draconian legislation.

And of course the entire thing was phony from top to bottom. The policy Trump’s political opponents have been blaming on the current administration was actually bipartisan and several administrations in the making, and as with many US policies simply grew progressively more depraved with each new president. The executive order leaves the debate over many, many immigration issues still unresolved, including the fact that it just means families will now be imprisoned together under Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new “zero tolerance policy”, and the fact that thousands of families will still remain separated. And of course the entire furor only became a mainstream issue because midterm elections are coming up and the “Russia, Russia, Russia” platform of the last year and a half hasn’t exactly energized the Democratic party’s base. And of course that soulless bitch Maddow, who will cheerfully help inflame tensions between nuclear powers in order to give her ratings a bump, was 100 percent acting throughout the entire scene….

A psychopath virtuoso doing what she does best, which is deception.  How is it possible that she can show her face in public?

And let’s not forget the good germans in the american “peace movement” who just can’t bring themselves to question their thoroughly invested and compromised authority figures like noam chomsky, who resolutely refuses to admit that he knows nothing about the most commonsensical physics wrt the events of 9/11 yet insists that obvious observations about it amount to paranoia.   Why not?  It’s the best of both worlds for him: a puppet of the establishment and a godhead to its supposed opposition.

Blood is everywhere, spouting from the obstetrical wards, flooding the streets, gushing from the TV screens,  welling up from the sewers.   Can you smell it?   This is babylon.

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