Success: EU Destabilization Recipe Applied to Australia

It’s not a secret where all these refugees are coming from: western governments and corporate conglomerates wrecking their home countries with financial looting, bombs, bullets and coups.  Funneling the victims back to the west with no attempt at integration just shows that we are definitely in the end game.   When all is wreckage, the last bastard standing will rule in hell.   Is this satanism or what?

Paramedics have been issued a list of over 200 ‘no-go zones’ in the Australian state of Victoria, home to Melbourne and the country’s second highest population.

Data released by Ambulance Victoria in response to a freedom-of-information act reflects a total of 229 localities – which could include single addresses or entire regions – where emergency medical personnel are at-risk if they enter.

An additional six locations are flagged due to “previous violent incidents and unpredictable behavior,” and require that Ambulance Victoria staff must be accompanied by a police escort due to “aggressive dogs at the premises, weapons on the premises, unsafe houses, verbal threats of aggression and actual assaults.”

Local media reports that many of the areas listed are “scenes where groups have been known to gather and commit violent crimes.”

Infowars consulted with Australian activist and political blogger, Kirralie Smith, to better understand some of the underlying issues fueling the surge in crime and related effects.

“I’d say there are probably two things – there is the drug culture in some of those suburbs, but you also have the enclaves,” Smith said. “Multiculturalism has failed because we’ve insisted that all these cultures remain independent and withdrawn, and there’s no motivation, no incentive for integration, and so we have these enclaves all around the country where groups of people are importing their own problems from their own countries – African nations, Middle Eastern nations, you name it.”

Smith said she is receiving messages from citizens around the country saying that scenarios similar to Victoria’s are playing out in every Australian state….

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