Now Mueller is going after Alex Jones

Unbelievable.   For all his blind spots, Jones has done more to save this country from its own fascistic tendencies than anyone else alive, not least through his coverage of the fake “war on terror”.

This place is turning into a banana republic.   Who will point out the emperor’s nakedness?

By the way, his health supplements are top notch.  From my own experience, DNA force, brain force, knockout, super male vitality and their probiotic (can’t remember the name) really do work surprisingly well without side effects.    All natural herbal based.  They’ve definitely improved my life.  Good luck finding such real food-medicines at a pharmacy or even at a health food store.   There’s an awful lot of crap out there and a lot of malevolent corporate influences.   Jones runs his own operation and it’s not a publicly traded company so the conflicts of interest you’d find at a typical supplement manufacturer are less likely.   Hopefully he’s aware however that his suppliers are being targeted.

Anyway, just a plug for two worthy causes: your health and his media operation.

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