Midwifery Phased out in China’s Rural Areas

This is progress, as long as you ignore the fact that a (imprinting) baby is involved.

Meng Meiqing, 46, a local midwife can no longer earn a living after losing out to the newly-established clinics in her locality.

A resident of Xinmin village in Pingguo county in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Meng delivered many babies for nearby villagers over the past few decades.

During this period, Meng had a thriving business and was often invited to help in child-bearing. For her prolonged efforts, she received appreciations as well as hospitality from the infants’ families, sometimes even a leg of pork or some money.

Although failing to complete her middle-school education, she was contented and maintained the trust of her clients over a long period of time. “People trusted me at the time,” she said.

In spite of this trust, however, her popularity somewhat faded during the past few years, as a growing number of village clinics sprang up in China’s vast countryside.

Pregnant Chinese women have a long tradition of receiving midwifery, or home deliveries due to poor health facilities.…


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