Government-linked intel agency forecasts U.S. population to decline drastically by 2025, 2-in-3 Americans will be gone

(INTELLIHUB) —  The government-linked intelligence agency has released an updated forecast for the year 2025 which shows some rather shocking projections of what the grim future may look like here in America within just 7-years time.

What’s most shocking about the report is the fact that predicts the U.S. population to be down about two-thirds by the year 2025, where only 100 million people would inhabit the once great nation.

Right now the population in American is about 327 million people, so if Deagel’s forecast is accurate, and it usually is, that would mean that 2 out of three Americans will not exist in 2025 but why? Will there be a nuclear war? Will the Yellowstone supervolcano blow? Will a deadly virus (pandemic) kill two-thirds of the population?

Not to mention, the forecast shows a decrease in population worldwide, from 7.4 billion to 6.9 billion by the year 2025 which may follow lockstep with either the globalists plan or Mother Earth’s.

This comes as Microsoft Founder and philanthropist Bill Gates recently announced that 33 million people could die globally from a flu virus which Gates says is lurking around the corner.

The billionaire philanthropist has also warned President Donald Trump of such a catastrophe and is pushing for a universal flu vaccine which Gates believes would mitigate the threat to some extent.

The Washington Post reports:

Gates said he met several times with H.R. McMaster, the president’s former national security adviser, and hopes to meet with McMaster’s replacement, John Bolton. The National Security Council, Gates said, is an appropriate office to “show leadership on this issue and decide how to coordinate the various groups” within the government.

“But, you know, I think we’ve got to push this … with the executive branch and Congress quite a bit,” Gates said. “There hasn’t been a big effort along these lines.”…

Well we’ve already invited gates into our computers haven’t we?   It’s only logical that we inject him into our veins as well.

It’s for the earth.

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