Geoengineering: A Grand & Lethal Experiment

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington’s sole mission is to warn the world about extreme weather modification to cool the planet, but Wigington says it’s having the opposite effect. It’s commonly known as “chemtrails,” and it’s destroying the earth’s ability to sustain life.  Wigington contends, “We are asking everybody to help us to sound the alarm.  We can bring this issue to light, and populations all over the globe will be forced to realize they have been part of a grand and lethal experiment with irreparable damage already done for which there is no return.  We need to galvanize global populations in a common cause to expose the power centers around the world that are collaborating, colluding and cooperating on this incredibly lethal operation of geoengineering.  If we can bring this issue to light, we can bring it to a halt.”

Wigington says scientists and meteorologists are being bought off or ordered to shut up about ongoing geoengineering on the planet. Wigington says, “The initial response we got from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration) when we tried to get information about weather modification . . . they stated, more or less, they didn’t know anything about any weather modification anywhere–ever.  Think about how glaring a lie that is when they are required to sign off on 300 plus weather modifications that are disclosed in the U.S. every year.  It was a blatant glaring lie, and that is why we had to sue the Department of Commerce (NOAA).  Of the documents we have, it is clear that the government and the agencies are doing everything they can to completely control the message down to weather forecasting down to the local level.  They want to control the entire message down to the local forecaster. . . . There is no disputing the fact that there is an illegal federal gag order. . . .The NOAA documents we already have make clear our government wants ‘consistency’ in weather forecasting over ‘accuracy’. . . .We have the foxes running the hen house, if you will, controlling the message, sending down the forecasts, which are in effect the scheduled weather.  That’s why they need the meteorologists to conform with their message because this is, in fact, to schedule weather.”

Geoengineering affects the environment and human health with metal particles used to reflect the sun. Wigington explains, “Stand back and consider.  You can’t breathe without inhaling these particulates.  They are completely saturating the air column.  I assure you, this is building up in all of us.  Lab tests prove this with hair, blood and urine . . . they are building up in all of us.  Not only is it right here, right now, toxifying every breath we take, it is decimating the earth life support system, the protective layers of the atmosphere and the ozone layer.  This is an all-out assault against life.  This is being used as a weapon.  These programs are not benevolent.  In addition to being used as a weapon, climate engineering is being used to mask, and this is very important, it is being used to mask the full severity of climate collapse from the population by confusing and dividing people. . . . They are going to keep covering this up until the last possible moment.”

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