FCC 5G Spectrum Allocation and O2 Microwave Absorption Spectrum

There’s no need to invite the reflexive “conspiracy theorist” epithet.   Let’s just call this runaway bureaucratic stupidity shall we?   We should expect better from our taxpayer-funded public servants.

The oxygen molecule has microwave absorption peaks centered around 60GHz.   They’ve known this for decades:

Absorption Spectrum of the Oxygen Molecule in the 55 — 65-G c/sec Region

BURNELL G. WEST AND MASATAKA MIZUSHIMA University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado (Received 20 September 1965); Physical Review V143 N1 March 1966


The FCC’s largest spectrum allocation for 5G is 57-64 GHz: http://www.5gamericas.org/files/6514/3930/9262/4G_Americas_5G_Spectrum_Recommendations_White_Paper.pdf

Quite a coincidence that WiFi is also broadcast on a biologically-relevant frequency of 2.4Ghz, which just happens to be the resonant rotational frequency of water.

Combine this with the VGCC issue http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/04/health-effects-of-rf-radiation/ and we’re definitely in the middle of an unprecedented planet-wide experiment.    Or maybe the experiment has already been done on rats and we’re now in the “production” phase.

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