Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation

People from coast to coast in the USA, and from one side of the world to the other, are becoming ill after exposure to the radiofrequency radiation emitted by Wireless Smart Meters.

Attached are the results of two survey s of the symptoms being reported.

The first surve y comes from the United States and include s 31 8 respondents , from 28 states from California to New York , a nd addresse s wireless utility meters that are principally Wireless Smart Meters.

The second survey comes from the other side of the world, Victoria, Australia , and include s 92 respondents , and addresse s Wireless Smart Meters exclusively.

Altogether , 410 adults and children are included.

Both surveys report new or worsened symptoms after exposure to the radiation from Wireless Smart Meter s in the respondent ’ s environment.

The attached two bar graphs show the percentage of respondents who experienced each symptom.

Most individuals in both surveys developed multiple symptoms. Each bar graph is followed by one page of additiona l information written by the person who analyzed the survey data.

The two surveys group symptoms into somewhat different clusters , but many of these clusters are similar enough to enable comparison between the surveys.

Of the top seven clusters of symptoms in both surveys , six clusters are similar in description and nearly identical in order of occurrence : (1) sleep disruption ; (2) headaches ; (3) ringing or buzzing in the ears ; (4) fatigue ; (5) loss of concentration , memory, or learning ability ; and (6) disorientation, dizziness, or loss of balance.

The surveys do not tell us how likely a given individual is to become symptomatic after exposure to the radiation from Wireless Smart Meters . But the surveys do tell us which symptoms a person who does become symptomatic is most likely to experience.

The many symptoms found reflect the many body systems that are disrupted by such radiation.

A symptom, of course, is something that can be sensed by an individual, and thu s can serve as a warning. Unfortunately, many health effects caused by radiofrequency radiation have no early symptoms and thus give no warning. These health effects become evident only after significant harm has been done.  Examples are DNA damage, cancer, and reproduction effects…..

New Mexico Public Utilities Commission has rejected a plan to install a half million smart meters. “The plan presented in the Application does not provide a net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest,” wrote the Commission. Whereas every other US state with rare exception, is forcing smart meters on residents, or charging extortion opt-out fees, Santa Fe regulators have historically upheld the public’s best interest by rejecting smart meters!

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported Chairman Sandy Jones cited “rate increases, an excessive opt-out fee, and layoffs as deal breakers”.

This decision is in stark contrast to what the California Public Utilities Commission did in 2010, which was to partner with the utilities and rapidly deploy millions of smart meters with no safety review, and despite thousands of complaints. There are four appeals filed in 2015 still pending in this case….