The Humanitarian Bombing of Raqqa Syria

‘Thousands of rotting corpses’ under ruins of Raqqa a public health crisis – Russian MoD

The Russian Defense Ministry has criticized the Western-led coalition for creating a sanitation emergency in Raqqa after it took the Syrian city from Islamic State, but failed to organize a clean-up or rebuild.

“The epidemiological situation in Raqqa remains very grave. There are still thousands of corpses rotting underneath the debris,” said Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov, during a press briefing in Moscow.

The official outlined the difference between the reconstruction efforts in cities taken back by government forces, such as Aleppo, where “schools, hospitals and markets have reopened” and those like Raqqa, which have largely been left to their own devices.

Over two-thirds of Raqqa, the city Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) once designated its unofficial capital, was destroyed during a four-month battle that ended in October 2017. The majority of the damage, according to Konashenkov,  was inflicted by US airstrikes on the city, which was previously home to around 300,000 people and is now under the loose control of Kurdish militias.

Members of the first UN Humanitarian Mission sent to the city in recent weeks wrote that they “were shocked by the level of destruction, which exceeded anything they had ever seen before.” Noting that “public services barely exist and there is no safe water or electricity,” the mission was alarmed by “widespread presence of explosive hazards, including unexploded ordnance, landmines and improvised explosive devices,” abandoned by Islamic State, and a cause of over 130 deaths between October 2017 and February 2018.

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A location report from AP, published last week, said that only one bulldozer was available for excavating bodies, and that “the stench of death rises from crushed buildings” as insects swarm the streets. Locals also told the newspaper that violent crime goes unchecked, and that former IS militants are allowed to live freely among the population.

I didn’t put “humanitarian” in quotes because this has become the meaning of the term.   The weaponization of language has joined with the weaponization of economics, food and medicine to create a complete luciferian reversal of reality.   And if you don’t think this humanitarian compulsion is coming home you are sadly mistaken.   Any entity which is capable of imposing an ISIS invasion on syria in order to wage war against ISIS  as a cover for regime change in order to prop up the petrodollar that they themselves have mortally wounded is perfectly capable of extending that fantastically lucrative business model into the “home” front.    The pentagon will be the last people to see the bigger picture, and that will only happen when it is too late for them to stop the agenda.

This is just collateral damage.   The deliberate damage will be imposed on the USA itself, the most potent (but tattered) remaining outpost of national self-determination against the luciferian inferno.

Former UK head of armed forces in iraq cut off as he implies the obvious truth: the west is gassing syrian civilians.

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