The Beast Examines the Problem of Controlling Information Contagion

The “beast” is latent in everyone, but especially in those pack animals who presume the infallibility of their assigned authority figures.  Rockefeller would be proud of what he has accomplished in china, but don’t think for a minute that his guiding hand isn’t everywhere in american society as well.   This was published in an american journal, after all.  No matter how well you think you know someone, if they’re still watching msnbc or cnn at this late date they’re almost certainly an appendage of the beast and could turn on you if called to do so.   Yes things have gotten to that point.   If hitlery had been elected you and I would probably both be in camps or worse by now.

Thirty odd years ago when I found out that washington’s nazis and their zionist allies were torturing and murdering their way through  latin america with hardly a peep from the media, I knew the plague would be coming home, but I thought the internet would immunize most of the clueless from infection, certainly by now.   But I was wrong.

Some people just don’t want to know.   Their psychological equilibrium is more important to them than the kind of world that they leave to their kids.   But such questions don’t even rise to the level of consciousness.   It doesn’t matter how smart or religious or educated or kind or whatever.    They just will not think.    There’s just an empty space where their mind should be.   And so history rhymes again.

Humorously, the authors have no insight whatsoever into the role of conflicting ideas in adaptive intelligence and learning.   To them, all such conflicts must be resolved in private by their pack leaders and the result dispensed to the masses to be consumed and excreted like all other commodities.  The orwellian use of the term “public opinion” is also amusing.

See especially the bolded section at the end, where the authors finally get to the heart of the matter.

The Optimal Isolation Strategy for Network Public Opinion with Enclosed Environment

Kuan Yang and Sasa Yu School of Business Administration, Hunan University, Changsha, Hunan 410082, China


Public opinion dissemination control is of crucial importance to facilitate reliable and efficient data delivery, especially in networks consisting of openness, sharing and convenience. From a systematic point of view, we aim to explore the optimal control policy for information dissemination with relatively enclosed environment. To control the effusion of network public opinion is more important than deleting existing information about it. We depict the impact of isolation strategy on the transmission dynamics of network public opinion. Since the abstraction of information dissemination much resembles the spread of epidemics, a simplified SLIR model is utilized to characterize the collective dynamics of information dissemination over networks. Moreover, an optimal objective based on the maximum social utility is established, namely, minimizing both the total outbreak size of public opinion and the relevant costs of isolations. …

Although network public opinion is essentially demands and expressions from separate individuals in public, fewer constraints for virtual crowd have greatly weakened the certainty and reliability of all kinds of information in network, especially for those about national development, social life and the interests of the individual information, etc….

… The Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 accident in March 2014 had also led to a number of rumors in China, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions [ 9 ]…. [ -rw ]

The increasingly powerful influence of public opinion in network has drawn many scholars’ attention to take action [ 10 – 13 ]. …  internet public opinion transmission can be regarded as a social contagion process [ 18 ]. The epidemiological models were cited as seminal models in this area [ 14 ]. D Gruhl and R Guha et al. [ 19 ] developed a model for information diffusion based on the propagation theory of infectious diseases. The model divided people into three disjoint classes: susceptible, describing individuals who had not yet been aware of a particular network public opinion; infected, meaning individuals who transmit the public opinion through social interactions; and recovered, referring to individuals who had known the public opinion but choose not to spread it to others…

So, in this article we propose the dynamic optimal control problem for the transmission of network public opinion. In addition, the isolation strategy is introduced to a control parameter which applied to a compartmental SLIR (susceptible, latently infected, infected and recovered) [ 22 ]. This strategy concerns mainly about the control function among communicators, audience and media contents. Embedded the network’s “gatekeeper” is the main form of Isolation, it can strengthen the daily monitoring of network dissemination, those harmful content will be blocked or deleted at the first sign of trouble. Furthermore, an optimal objective based on the maximum social utility is established, namely, minimizing both the total outbreak size of public opinion and the relevant costs of isolation. … He Zaobo, Cai Zhipeng and Wang Xiaoming obtain the optimized control strategies that ensures a rumor can die out at the end of the time with lowest cost [ 26 ]. …

Public opinion is a double-edged sword which has a great effect on social life. In this paper, we have investigated isolation strategies for network public opinion spreading with SLIR model. It is indeed an effective way to make a control, based on both mathematical analysis and numerical results. So, after the outbreak of network public opinion, as long as the isolation strategy take, we will be able to effectively control the number of infected people. The more fully isolation resource is, the more obvious effect will be. This means that we have to abandon the cost factors for improving the control effect in reality. In other words, Progress comes at a high price. It can better explain that Intensive culling of poultry is an effective effort to contain an outbreak of the disease.

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